How to set up a PS5 passkey to protect your PSN account

A password can do a mostly fine job of keeping your PSN account secure, but it comes with the annoyance of typing it in relatively frequently, and it suffers from needing to setup sometimes cumbersome 2-factor authentication to further reduce the chances of someone else logging in with your information.

Sony has finally introduced a passkey system that not only makes logging in much breezier but offers significantly better security, as a passkey is generated only once and can’t be reused. If you’d like to take the leap into a safer login method for your PSN account, here’s how to setup a passkey on your PS5.

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How to set up a passkey on PS5

When you’re ready to set up a passkey on your PS5, follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Click Settings on your PS5 home screen.

Step 2: Select Users and Accounts.

Step 3: Select Security.

Step 4: Choose Sign in with Passkey.

Step 5: Scan the QR code on the screen using your mobile device.

Step 6: Sign in to your PlayStation account on the Sony website.

Step 7: Select Create Passkey.

Step 8: Choose to use your mobile device’s screen lock as a passkey. This will be the same as the method you use to unlock your phone.

You should now receive a prompt telling you that you can use your passkey to sign in. Your password will be deactivated at this point, making passkey the only method with which you can log into your PlayStation account going forward.

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