If you don’t see CBS in 4K on YouTube TV, try this

Super Bowl in 4K on CBS on YouTube TV.
Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

A quick heads up if you have the 4K add-on for YouTube TV but aren’t seeing the option to watch Super Bowl 2024 in 4K on CBS: It’s likely because you’re using a custom sort on your live channel listings. (Which is something you might have done if you want to hide YouTube TV channels that you never watch.) That’a bad enough for the game itself, and it also means you won’t be able to enjoy the Super Bowl Halftime Show in 4K.

This is a known problem — and has been for years — anytime YouTube TV adds a new channel to the listing. If you’re not using the default sort on the live channel listings, a new channel will appear at the bottom of the listings, which is bad enough. But worse is that it’s hidden by default until you actively go in and unhide it.

Here’s how it looks until you unhide the channel:

CBS in 4K is hidden on YouTube TV.

To unhide the channel — and any other new ones that have been added — you’ll need to go into the live guide settings and unhide any new channels. Go ahead and move them up in the list, too, while you’re there.

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Again, there are few variables here, otherwise it’s all moot. You have to have already subscribed to the 4K add-on for YouTube TV. (That costs $10 a month, but you get a free trial.) And you must have your channels listed in a custom sort.

But just go into the settings and flip the little eyeball toggle, and you’ll be able to watch the Super Bowl in 4K on YouTube TV. Enjoy.

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