How to watch Usher’s Super Bowl halftime show replay

Usher's Super Bowl Halftime Show on Apple TV.
Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

Super Bowl 2024 has come and gone. (The Chiefs won. Again.) That means we have another full year to go before the next one — Super Bowl LIX is scheduled for Sunday, February 9, 2025, in New Orleans — though the hype is sure to never actually stop.

And that rings true for the Super Bowl Halftime Show as well. Whether you thought Usher’s 2024 performance was one of the ages — or that it was nostalgia overshadowed by the likes of H.E.R. and Alicia Keys — it’s worth watching again. And it’s pretty easy to get an official replay of the Super Bowl LVIII Halftime Show.

If you’re using an Apple TV box (that is, the hardware from Apple itself and our reigning pick for the best streaming device you can buy), just head into the Apple TV app and you’ll see Usher front and center. For now, anyway. That’ll likely change at some point, and you might have to search it out. Note that it doesn’t get the same sort of placement on other platforms as it does in the Apple TV app. It’s officially the Apple Music Halftime Show, and so Apple TV gets some special love. (Same goes for the TV app on Apple devices, though. Go figure.)

Or, you can hit up the NFL YouTube Channel and check out the halftime show performances there.

Given that this is YouTube we’re talking about, though, we can go one better. We can simply embed all the Usher you could possibly handle. We can make it so you don’t have to leave this very website to see Lil John and We can have Usher’s gloved hand magically appear beneath these very words, getting you to the full halftime show set that much quicker. Isn’t the future great?

Usher’s Apple Music Super Bowl Halftime Show

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