3 sci-fi movies on Amazon Prime Video you need to watch in February

Four people exercise in After Yang.

There are so many types of sci-fi movies, with the genre dating back decades. If you’re looking for a solid one to watch, Amazon Prime Video has many options, from classics to new sci-fi movies worth sinking your teeth into.

The three sci-fi movies on Prime Video you need to watch in February include one starring The Banshees of Inisherin‘s Colin Farrell, one about space exploration, and another about an alien invasion. A few are low-budget films, but when it comes to genres like sci-fi and horror especially, B movies have a certain unique flavor. Have a look at these three options to consider this month.

After Yang (2021)

After Yang | Official Trailer HD | A24

One of Colin Farrell’s lesser-known movies, After Yang is about Jake (Farrell) and Kyra (Jodie Turner-Smith), a married couple raising an adopted daughter along with a teenage boy named Yang (Justin H. Min), the latter of whom is actually a robot. They buy Yang to help their daughter, Mika (Malea Emma Tjandrawidjaja), connect to her Chinese heritage. But when Yang malfunctions and they find that the secondhand company the parents purchased him from is now defunct, the couple is desperate to find a way to “fix” him before Mika loses her “brother.” A backstreet technician named Russ (Ritchie Coster) is willing to do the illegal repairs, but when he does, he finds a hidden camera and memory bank the manufacturer vowed wasn’t there. Within the memories, there’s also a strange blonde woman with whom Yang had been interacting. The story takes twists and turns from there.

After Yang received glowing reviews and is about more than just sci-fi. The story delves deep into existential questions like what does it truly mean to be alive and to have social connections? In a day and age when AI and robots are prevalent, After Yang is more topical than ever.

Stream After Yang on Prime Video.

Space Wars: Quest for the Deepstar (2023)


This new movie has received polarizing reviews: critics and audiences either love it or hate it. The sci-fi adventure movie tells the story of space scavengers, a father and daughter, who are running from evil mercenaries. Both are in search of treasures purported to be on board a missing freighter.

Expect monsters, aliens, robots, and more creatures throughout the film, which has been praised as a low-budget, but still exciting sci-fi movie. If you’re a lover of the genre, Space Wars: Quest for the Deepstar might seem familiar. The story is very much like more high-profile stories of the same ilk. But it’s still a fun watch to add to your list.

Stream Space Wars: Quest for the Deepstar on Prime Video.

Alien Code (2018)

ALIEN CODE Official Trailer (2018) Sci-Fi Movie

Who doesn’t love a good story about cryptography? Alex Jacobs (Scream and Smile’s Kyle Gallner), a talented cryptographer, decodes a satellite message. It results, however, in him being stalked by not only the government, but also creatures from another planet. The story is uniquely told, shifting back and forth from the past and the future.

Also starring Mary McCormack (The Kids Are Alright), Richard Schiff (The Good Doctor), and Azura Skye (Riverdale), Alien Code is a low-budget sci-fi film that fans of B movies will appreciate for its simplicity and even its corniness. Unsettling, unusual, and cerebral, Alien Code doesn’t rely so much on special effects. But that’s perfectly OK since the story is compelling enough to keep you hooked.

Stream Alien Code on Prime Video.

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