Netflix free trial: Can you stream for free in 2024?

If you want to see the best shows on Netflix, the best way to do so would be through a Netflix free trial. But do they have one, and if not are there other ways to get the streaming giant for free? We investigate.

Is there a Netflix free trial?

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Netflix does not have a free trial. Netflix does not do free trials.

Unlike some other streaming services, Netflix doesn’t appear to feel obliged to run free-trial offers. That’s a tough break for the “try before you buy” crowd, but the sad truth is that, like Disney+, Netflix has a pretty captive audience and doesn’t really need to do much to entice people to sign up. The good news is that there are no contracts or commitments to worry about if you decide the service isn’t for you, or just want to take a break for awhile. There are also ways to get Netflix for free through third party sign-ups.

Advice: Try the Showtime free trial, Amazon Prime Video free trial, the Sling TV free trial, Hulu free trial, or even the Hulu with Live TV free trial instead!

Get Netflix for free via other services

Some services may give you a free Netflix subscription as part of a bundle. For example, T-Mobile gives you Netflix for free if you


Here are some other opportunities we’ve found around the web:

  • Get a year of free Netflix with

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    if you get the right bundle and the right equipment.

Account sharing — Try your friend’s Netflix account for free

If you keep up with headlines, you’ll know that Netflix has been cracking down on account sharing. The good news is that the crackdown isn’t so bleak. If an account owner has an extra member slot, they can add you to their account, at no extra charge to you. You’ll even have your own password and profile, so it’ll be a relatively normal Netflix experience. It might take some social efforts to ask around and see if somebody has an empty or unused slot, but the reward of free Netflix can totally be worth it.

Are there any Netflix deals?

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As of now, there are no noteworthy Netflix deals available through the streaming platform itself, and just as with a Netflix free trial, we’re not anticipating any. You don’t get a discount for paying yearly, either; there’s one flat monthly fee (which varies depending on what tier you sign up for) and that’s it. That’s more sad news for deal hunters such as ourselves, but Netflix’s simple and transparent pricing plan is hard to complain about, and the month-to-month payment structure doesn’t lock you into a contract, so it’s easy to cancel or change your plan any time you want. Still hesitating over whether to sign up? Check out our recommendations for the best movies on Netflix, the best shows on Netflix, and the best Netflix originals to get a bird’s-eye view of what you get with your Netflix subscription.

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