Hurry! PlayStation Portal is IN STOCK at Best Buy right now — Update: Sold out

A PlayStation Portal boots up.

Update: The PlayStation Portal sold out at Best Buy

Best Buy has just restocked the PlayStation Portal. This handheld PlayStation 5 console lets you play your PS5 remotely, giving you access to all your favorite games wherever you are. They’ve been extremely hard to grab since they were launched, but Best Buy has just put a handful of them up on their site. You’ll have to be quick if you want to grab one–these PlayStation Portal restocks have been few and far between. They’re currently $200 with free shipping.

The PlayStation Portal is a handheld streaming device for the PlayStation 5. If you’re not familiar with other streaming devices like Valve’s Steam Deck, here’s the rundown: You need a PS5, so it’s not it’s own console. This device just allows you to stream games from your PS5 to the handheld device, so you can play PS5 games on the go. You need Wi-Fi in order to connect, so you won’t be playing Ratchet and Clank on the subway. But it’s a simple and nifty device that will let you play PS5 games without being glued to the couch.

The design is basically a DualSense controller with a screen attached to it. The controller has full haptic feedback and all the other DualSense controls you could want. The rest of the console is a bit flimsy, with no support for Bluetooth or external devices. You’ll get about four hours of playtime on one charge. Overall the device is simple and surprisingly cheap. It lacks flair, but it won’t break the bank and it will let you play PS5 in bed instead of on the couch.

When the PlayStation Portal is in stock, it sells for just $200. Best Buy has been doing drops infrequently and without ceremony, but we’ll do our best to get the word out when they’re back. They sell it almost immediately, so make sure you’re ready to buy one the second you get to the page. It might be worth it to get a My Best Buy Plus membership ahead of time so you can check out instantly once the PlayStation Portal comes back in stock.

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