Which character should you pick in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League?

Each playable member in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is its own distinct character. Beyond the obvious visual differences, there’s a good amount of mechanical differences that make playing as Harley a unique experience compared to King Shark, for example. If you’re playing alone or with friends, you probably will want to focus on just one member of the team to learn and go through the story with first. Since these “heroes” aren’t all that common, especially in the world of video games, it isn’t immediately obvious what type of character each one will play like. Between unique traversal methods and skill trees to ultimate attacks, here’s a breakdown of which character you should pick.

Best character to play as in Suicide Squad

King Shark fights enemies in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.
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No one member of the squad is objectively the best, but rather, each one excels in different methods of combat. While you can switch between characters easily, it is best to know what role each one is best suited for and what to expect jumping into their shoes.

Harley Quinn

Harley is the easiest to understand if you’re coming from the past Rocksteady Arkham games. She uses a grappling hook to traverse, which can be a little awkward to get a feel for at first, but she is your most well-rounded character. She uses pistols and SMGs in conjunction with melee attacks and explosives. If you want to play an aggressive, slightly spongy character, Harley is all about getting into the thick of combat. Her ability to regen health for kills pushes you to constantly be on the offensive.

Captain Boomerang

Using his teleporting boomerang to control the flow of battle, Captain Boomerang is perfect for flanking. You will want to play a mix of long and short-range with him, thanks to his use of both a sniper and shotgun. You will be rewarded for hit-and-run tactics here, making ample use of your boomerang’s ability to get you out of danger before enemies know you were there. Once you get into the flow with him, you will turn the battlefield into your personal playground.

King Shark

King Shark is the most obvious when it comes to understanding his style. The big, bulky shark-man simply charges up massive jumps to get around, and his fishy skin can take a ton of abuse. You will be tanking hits as you either rush in to deal powerful melee attacks or shrugging off shots as you shred enemies with your heavy weapons and assault rifles. If you’re not too confident about being able to dodge and zip around during a fight, go with the king.


Also, to be expected, Deadshot is a very easy character for people who cut their teeth on third-person shooters. He can use pistols, assault rifles, and snipers, so you are always prepared, and none of his abilities are terribly confusing or require a lot of thought to use. His jetpack makes him a perfect support character who can pelt enemies from above or afar without getting into danger. Just remember to watch that fuel gauge.

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