This 86-inch LG 4K TV just got a pretty handsome price cut

LG UN7000 Series 5-Inch 4K Smart TV

Being able to buy an 86-inch 4K TV for just $800 is a reality right now thanks to Best Buy reducing the price on the 86-inch LG UR7800 4K TV. Usually priced at $1,250, it’s currently enjoying a $450 price cut making it an incredible deal for anyone who wants a huge TV for less. While it might not rival the best TVs, it does share some of the same functionality thanks to LG being one of the best TV brands.

Buying an 86-inch LG UR7800 4K TV for only $800 also easily makes this one of the best TV deals around and it’s perfectly timed for anyone looking to buy a huge TV in time for the Super Bowl. If it sounds like the right TV to you, hit the button below. If you need a little more information and guidance, keep reading while we take you through everything the TV has to offer.

Why you should buy the 86-inch LG UR7800 Series 4K TV

If you’ll be dealing with a display that’s as big as the 86-inch LG UR7800 Series 4K TV, you’ll first need to consult our guide on what size TV to buy to make sure that you have enough space for it. Once you confirm that you do, get ready to enjoy sharp details and lifelike colors with the TV’s 4K Ultra HD resolution, while its support for HDR10 will allow you to watch HDR content with extended contrast. The 86-inch LG UR7800 Series 4K TV also comes with a Filmmaker Mode that will let you view movies just as directors intended them to be shown.

The 86-inch LG UR7800 Series 4K TV is powered by AI with its a6 AI Processor Gen 6, creating enhanced images and improved sound while also upscaling non-4K content to 4K quality. To maximize this, the 4K TV runs on the webOS 23 platform, which grants access to an unlimited library of content through all of the popular streaming services, plus more than 300 free LG Channels covering a wide range of genres.

If you’re thinking about creating a cinematic experience within the comfort of your own home, your plan will begin with a massive TV. Fortunately, you currently have the chance to buy the 86-inch LG UR7800 Series 4K TV for an affordable $800 from Best Buy, for savings of $450 on its sticker price of $1,250. This offer probably won’t last long though, so you shouldn’t be wasting time if you want to take advantage of this bargain. Add the 86-inch LG UR7800 Series 4K TV and check out immediately to have this gigantic screen delivered to your doorstep as soon as possible.

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