Beatbot AquaSense Pro: Pre-order for $10 now and get a $500 coupon

Beatbot AquaSense Pro charging by pool

Cleaning a pool is no simple feat, no matter the size of the pool. It’s even worse if your pool is uncovered with no patio or screen enclosure to keep debris out. You either need to spend a little time each day cleaning, do a thorough clean before you get in with your family, or you need to hire someone to do it all. The choices are spending a lot of time cleaning or spending a bunch of money. Unless you grab a smart cleaning robot, or more specifically, the world’s first all-in-one smart robotic pool cleaner — Beatbot’s AquaSense Pro. It offers five-in-one cordless cleaning for the floor, walls, waterline, surface, and water clarity, plus 20 sensors and an AI algorithm for optimizing pathing. That’s just the start. The AquaSense Pro is the ultimate hands-off cleaner, and there’s a great pre-order offer right now. Reserve for $10, and that secures you a $500 coupon. Since the normal price of the AquaSense Pro is $2,199, your coupon brings the price down to $1,699 at launch. That offer is available only for the first 1,000 units, which will be sold out soon.

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Why you should buy the Beatbot AquaSense Pro

Beatbot AquaSense Pro being hauled out of pool

Cleaning a pool sucks. How do I know? I have to clean my pool regularly, and it’s screened in. Somehow, I still get debris in my pool, like grass clippings, bugs, and other nasty stuff. Dirt from my yard also makes its way into the pool, and if I don’t vacuum eventually, it gets pretty dirty and gritty, too. Trying to vacuum it all myself with a traditional pool vacuum, pole in hand, and navigating around the vacuum tube is a pain. The Beatbot AquaSense Pro changes all of that. It’s cordless, battery-operated, and offers five-in-one cleaning functions. It can clean the pool walls, floor, waterline, and surface and keep the water quality clean and clear.

Essentially, it can do this because it has a brain. AI algorithms for smart pathing and navigation are powered by a quad-core Cortex A7 industrial-grade CPU, MCU, and advanced memory chips. Those work in tandem with 20 advanced smart sensors to offer precise pool mapping, optimized path planning, and smarter cleaning. It’s brilliant. Plus, nine motors, a two-layer filter, and four brushes ensure everything is scooped up, sucked up, and removed from the pool. No dirt, leaves, debris, or other nasties floating or waving around. Even better, when it’s all done, it’s super easy to clean up thanks to easy filter access and a system that’s quick to retrieve. You won’t be fishing around endlessly trying to take it out.

The system syncs with a mobile app, as well. You can use it to get a full visualization of your pool, with cleaning paths and customizable cleaning options. Take full control over how the AquaSense Pro operates. You can see its individual paths, select cleaning modes, review cleaning history, and much more.

There are two models: The AquaSense Pro for $2,199 and the AquaSense for $1,299. Both are cordless, but the Pro model offers five cleaning modes – two more than the standard model.

Pre-order now, putting just $10 down, and you’ll get a $500 coupon before launch. That would drop the price of the AquaSense Pro to $1,699, an incredible deal. The pre-order sale will end soon as the first 1,000 units are almost sold out. Now’s your chance to secure the best price of the year.

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