NFL Sunday Ticket presale starts today — save on the 2024 season

NFL Sunday Ticket on a TV.
Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

Aside from a few scant hiccups, the inaugural season of NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube and YouTube TV was a pretty rousing success. And today, Google has begun presales for the 2024-25 season, that’ll save you a few bucks.

For those new to NFL Sunday Ticket, it’s a subscription scheme by which you can watch every out-of-market game. So if you’re in, say, Saints country but are a die-hard Steelers fan, you can watch every Pittsburgh game to see if they figure out this quarterback thing, even if it’s not being broadcast in your area. You can do so either through YouTube TV or on YouTube proper via YouTube Primetime Channels. (Before the 2023 season, you had to have DirecTV’s satellite service to get NFL Sunday Ticket. )

You can pay all at once, if you prefer, or split things into four monthly payments. (Which roughly spans the full regular season.) Once again, you’ll have the option to bundle in NFL RedZone, which is a separate channel that focuses on scoring plays as they’re about to happen.

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One fairly obvious caveat: All of this only applies to Sunday games. Monday Night Football is still on ESPN, and Thursday Night Football is still exclusive to Amazon Prime Video. Note that the $50 savings is only available to new subscribers to NFL Sunday Ticket, despite each season being discrete. (Google knows who you are since this all goes through your Google account.)

Here’s how the presale cost breaks down if you go the YouTube TV route:

  • $299 upfront, or $74.75 monthly for NFL Sunday Ticket only.
  • $339 upfront, or $84.75 monthly for NFL Sunday Ticket and NFL RedZone.

And if you want to watch through YouTube Primetime Channels:

  • $399 upfront, or $99.75 monthly for NFL Sunday Ticket only.
  • $439 upfront, or $109.75 monthly for NFL Sunday Ticket and NFL RedZone.

The price discrepancy is due to the additional fee you’re already paying for YouTube TV, which runs $73 a month. Another sweetener to watching via YouTube TV is multiview, the feature that lets you watch up to four games at one time, which is perfect if you have a large TV at home. And it looks like YouTube TV will finally let you pick your own games to watch in multiview in time for the 2024 season.

Just be sure to save one of those four windows for wherever Taylor Swift happens to be that week.

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