Hideo Kojima partners with Sony on a return to the stealth action genre

Hideo Kojima 2024 January State of Play in front of Kojima Productions banner
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Kojima Productions has a new stealth action game coming after the long-awaited Death Stranding 2: On the Beach. At the latest PlayStation State of Play, Kojima revealed that his studio will work with Sony to produce a new, original IP in the form of a “next-generation action espionage” game. He now has a total of three AAA games in the works, including OD.

While Kojima didn’t reveal anything specific about the game, he claimed that he was confident the title would be the “culmination” of his work. He described it as an interactive title that would also be a movie, aligning with his well-documented interest in film and production. It’s unclear if this means that the project is both a game and a movie, or a game that is like a movie.

“We hope to transcend the barrier between film and video games,” Kojima said.

Kojima followed up on the project in a tweet afterwards, revealing that it currently has the working title Physint. He reiterates his desire to blur the lines between film and game in that tweet, referring to the project as “the next level of Digital Entertainment.”

This partnership with PlayStation isn’t much of a surprise considering Kojima’s past collaborations with Sony. The two worked together for both Death Stranding and Death Stranding 2, which will launch for the PlayStation 5 in 2025. During the State of Play, Kojima highlighted his positive experiences working with Sony, as well as the company’s history with movies and music.

Kojima Productions will start development on the new stealth action game after it finishes Death Stranding 2: On The Beach.

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