Stellar Blade looks like it’ll be the PS5’s first big 2024 game this April

Shift Up, PlayStation / Shift Up, PlayStation

More details were shared about the world of PlayStation’s upcoming character action game Stellar Blade during Sony’s latest State of Play. We got a good look at more features in the title, including its mission and camping system. We finally got a release date too: Stellar Blade will launch on April 26 for PS5.

Stellar Blade takes place on a postapocalyptic Earth where an enemy, called the Nativa, pushed humans to escape to an off-world colony. Players control Eve, who is on a mission to save the planet by defeating the Nativa.

Stellar Blade – Pre-Order Trailer | PS5 Games

Eve is joined by a multitude of side characters who assist her in her mission. Throughout the game, you’ll join them and help survivors by completing side missions that they give out. As you help the survivors, the world will be rebuilt. However, you can ignore these requests as well.

Supply camps are a new gameplay system revealed during State of Play. At each of these camps, Eve can purchase consumables, get new skills, upgrade equipment, or take a break to restore her health. Aside from this, we got more looks at the promising combat system that the game features, along with more about the exploration and movement.

Stellar Blade was originally revealed in 2019 and is being developed by Korean Developer Shift Up. From what we’ve seen. the game it’s looking like a big mix of Final Fantasy, Nier Automata, and Cyberpunk: 2077. After years of development, we finally got a concrete release date of April 26, 2024. Stellar Blade will launch this year as a PlayStation 5 exclusive.

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