Sonic x Shadow Generations brings back Sonic Adventure 2 nostalgia this fall

Shadow, Sonic, and Sonic leaping through the air.

Sonic x Shadow Generations, a remake of the 2011 original with additional content, was revealed at the January State of Play showcase. It will be coming to PlayStation platforms this autumn.

Sega made a surprise appearance at Sony’s State of Play presentation with an enhanced remake of Sonic Generations, now titled Sonic x Shadow Generations. This game will include all the content from the original release, as well as add Shadow as a new playable character alongside the two iterations of Sonic.

The trailer opened with footage of both modern and classic Sonic gameplay from the original before Shadow appeared to steal the spotlight. Shadow’s gameplay appears to be exclusively in the 3D style and features him racing through sci-fi-looking stages and facing off against a mix of robotic enemies, as well as the massive bosses the series is known for. It is unclear how many new stages Shadow will have in this release, or if any other major improvements to the game will be included.

Sonic t Shadow Generations will be the second console Sonic game in less than a year following the release of Sonic Superstars in October 2023. Sonic Generations was originally released to celebrate Sonic’s 20th anniversary by combining both the classic 2D style gameplay with modern 3D stages. The original game is still widely viewed as a great entry in the franchise that is sadly unavailable on modern platforms aside from PC.

Sonic x Shadow Generations will arrive on PlayStation 4 and 5 sometime in autumn 2024.