Everything announced at PlayStation’s January State of Play

Key art for January 2024's State of Play.
Sony Interactive Entertainment

Sony will hold its first State of Play presentation of 2024 today, giving us an overview of many of the games we can expect to release on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation VR2 over the course of this year. We know that the games shown off will include single-player action game exclusives Stellar Blade and Rise of the Ronin. Hopefully, we also get a look at some of the other high-profile PlayStation exclusives on the horizon, like Concord and Death Stranding 2, in addition to some more third-party announcements.

Over 15 games will be shown during the January 2024 State of Play. In case you aren’t able to tune into that show live or just want to see a comprehensive overview of what Sony shows, we’re doing a live recap of every announcement made during this State of Play. Keep refreshing this page over the course of the 40-minute livestream to learn more about what is being revealed at this event.

Stellar Blade releases this April

Stellar Blade – Pre-Order Trailer | PS5 Games

One of 2024’s big PS5 exclusives is Stellar Blade, a single-player action game from developer Shift Up. Although we didn’t see much of the game in 2023, it returned in full force at this State of Play. Stellar Blade’s trailer gave us an overview of the game’s premise, world, characters, quest system, exploration, enemies, skill and upgrade systems, combat, and more. At the end of its segment, we got confirmation that Stellar Blade will launch on April 26 for PS5.

A free Silent Hill game launches on PS5 today

Silent Hill: The Short Message – Launch Trailer | PS5 Games

Silent Hill had a surprisingly big premise during this State of Play. It began with the reveal of a first-person game titled Silent Hill: The Short Message, which is a free experience that will be released today. We then got our first in-depth look at the remake of Silent Hill 2 since 2022, and it looks like a chilling and eerie reimagining of one of the horror genre’s most iconic games. Konami did not confirm a release date for the remake though.

Until Dawn is coming to PS5 and PC

Until Dawn – Announce Trailer | PS5 & PC Games

In the wake of the announcement that a Until Dawn movie is on the way, Sony also confirmed a rebuilt version of Supermassive’s PS4 choice-driven horror game is on the way. It is being developed by a new studio named Ballistic Moon and will be released for PS5 and PC sometime later this year.

Death Stranding 2 – On the Beach won’t launch until 2025

We got our first look at the sequel to Death Stranding since The Game Awards 2022 at today’s State of Play. In yet another mind-bending trailer, we got an extended look at Sam Porter Bridges and Fragile’s next adventure and our first glimpse of gameplay. We also got our first look at Elle Fanning’s character Although it’s hard to make sense of it all just yet, it’ll certainly hype you up for Hideo Kojima’s next game. We learned that this sequel will officially be titled Death Stranding 2: On the Beach, confirming previous leaks hinting that was the case. Kojima Productions also gave the game a 2025 release window, so expect this to be a big exclusive for Sony next year.

Everything else

  • Helldivers 2 got a launch trailer.
  • Sonic x Shadow Generations was announced and will come out this autumn.
  • Zenless Zone Zero was confirmed for PS5.
  • Foamstars got a launch trailer.
  • Dave the Diver comes to PlayStation consoles this April and is crossing over with Godzilla in May.
  • V Rising is coming to PS5 when it exits early access later this year.
  • Judas, the next game from the creator of BioShock, got a new trailer.
  • Metro Awakening VR was announced for PSVR2 and will launch later this year.
  • Legendary Tales was announced for PlayStation VR2 and will release on February 8.
  • Dragon’s Dogma 2 got a new trailer.
  • Rise of the Ronin received an extended gameplay showcase ahead of its March 22 launch.
  • Hideo Kojima is making a new action espionage game with PlayStation.

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