How to increase inventory space in Enshrouded

Like any great survival and crafting game, you will be collecting a ton of materials in Enshrouded. As you build up your base and start making new equipment, as well as just generally explore either solo or with a group, you will very quickly feel the constraints of your limited inventory space. Thankfully, you’re not stuck with that minuscule size forever and can expand your carrying capacity so you don’t have to run back to your base every time you fill up on items. What you’re looking for is the set of backpack upgrades, but crafting it takes a bit of legwork.

How to increase your inventory space

A description of a small backpack in Enshrouded.
Keen Games

Increasing your inventory space in Enshrouded is linked to the Hunter NPC. Like all NPCs in the game, you will need to track them down and rescue them from an Ancient Vault, in this case, the one labeled Ancient Vault — Hunter. This is to the north of the Cinder Vault and east of the Springlands fast travel point.

After you rescue the Hunter and complete the Hunter Becomes the Hunted quest, bring her back to your base to unlock her specific set of quests. In order to craft each of the three inventory expansions, you need to make the Drying Rack out of 10 Wood Logs and 6 String, as well as the Hand Spindle. Use these to make the Dried Fur and Linen required for these recipes. Here’s what’s needed for each:

Small – 3 Torn Cloth, 4 Dried Fur, 5 String

Medium – 6 Dried Fur, 6 Dried Linen

Large – 5 Leather, 1 Linen

The small backpack gives you an additional 8 slots, medium provides 16, and large gives you 24.

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