How to get Beautiful Flowers in Palworld

You can’t throw a rock in Palworld without hitting some material you can grab. Some materials you will need for almost everything, such as Paldium, while others have more specific uses like Coal. Then there are the materials that you can never seem to find when you need them. Beautiful Flowers sound like the kind of thing you would see all over in Palworld, and yet they are among the more elusive items in the game. There are only a few places they show up naturally, and a scant few Pals that drop them as loot. If you’re looking to brighten up your base with some flowers, here is how you can collect Beautiful Flowers.

How to get Beautiful Flowers

A big red flower in Palworld.

The first way to get Beautiful Flowers is to find them, but they only appear in the Wildlife Sanctuaries off the coast of the main islands. There are four in total, and all have Beautiful Flowers randomly spawning on them, so feel free to choose the one that’s most convenient to get to. Just be aware that the PIDF will be hunting you down as soon as you arrive.

If going to a Wildlife Sanctuary is a bit above your abilities, you can hunt one of a select few Pals that drop Beautiful Flowers. So far, we’ve only seen or encountered four Pals that have a chance at dropping them. These are:

  • Ribunny
  • Petalia
  • Wumpo
  • Lyleen

Beautiful Flowers are a key ingredient in things like Strange Juice, which you will need to feed your Pals to improve their mood at the cost of some sanity.

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