Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth gift guide: best gifts for every character

Who wouldn’t want to be friends with a guy like Ichiban? The guy is a bundle of optimistic joy and positivity. Sure, you’ll likely get into more than a couple of brawls with him, but that only strengthens your bond, right? That’s how it works in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, anyway. There are many ways you can increase Ichiban’s bond level with his various party members, and even other people on the street you bump into, but one of the easiest (although expensive) ways is to give them the perfect gift. Instead of grinding out your bond level through battles or slow conversations, why not buy your way into your friend’s heart? The only tricky part is knowing each character well enough to tell what gift they will appreciate most and where you can snag it.

Best gifts for each character

A gift description in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

Each of the main party members in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth has their own personality and style. You wouldn’t get much love from Nanba by giving him some makeup or Adachi some flowers, after all. There’s no wrong gift you can give technically since no matter what you give someone it will increase your Bond level, however, these objects raise it more than the others.

You can see which stores carry what gifts on the map by highlighting them and pressing the Details button. This will bring up a little window highlighting what that store offers. When you have a gift you want to present to a teammate, you need to go to either your current safe house or the local bar and interact with them. You can buy gifts in bulk and repeat the process to easily grind up their levels in one shot.

Kazuma Kiryu

It may not be great for his already failing health, but Kiryu seems to really appreciate the Assorted Cigarettes and Aloha Beer Gift sets as gifts.

Koichi Adachi

Your old detective pal appreciates the same gifts as Kiryu, but the beer a bit more than cigarettes.


Nanba’s tastes are slightly different but can be met with the ABC Store Gift set and Dim-Sum Assortment.

Saeko Mukoda

For Saeko, a lovely Plumeria Bouquet or Postcard Assortment will be very appreciated.

Eric Tomizawa

Your buddy Tomizawa is a fan of simple things like a Matsumoto Shave Ice Gift set and Coffee Beans.

Chitose Fujinomiya

For a younger gal, Chitose likes Hawaiian Cosmetics and flowers.


Seonhee is hard to read, but hand off a Postcard Assortment and Dim-Sum Assortment to get on her good side.

Tianyou Zhao

Zhao is also a fan of some Dim-Sum, as well as Alohabeer Gift sets.

Joongi Han

Finally, Joongi will gladly accept some Coffee Beans and ABC Store Gift sets.

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