Amazon’s futuristic Astro home and business security robot is 21% off

Amazon Astro robot.
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If you don’t think investing in security camera deals is enough to give you peace of mind, then you may want to consider buying the Amazon Astro. This mobile security robot, originally sold for $2,350, is on sale from Amazon with a $500 discount that lowers its price to $1,850. It’s fairly expensive even at 21% off, but if you’re willing to pay for it, you’ll be getting an all-around solution for the protection of your home or business. You need to act fast for your purchase though, as the bargain may end sooner than you think.

Why you should buy the Amazon Astro mobile security robot

Compared to security cameras that are installed at fixed points, the Amazon Astro can roll through your home or business to cover up to 5,000 square feet with its HD night vision periscope camera. You’ll be able to use the Astro app to access the mobile security robot’s camera with a live view, control its movements, and communicate with people it bumps into with a two-way talk function. It comes with a 30-day trial of Astro Secure and Ring Protect Pro subscriptions, which will allow you to schedule and customize the Amazon Astro’s patrolling routes, and receive alerts when it sees an unknown person or hears sound such as breaking glass. Ring Protect Pro will also get the robot to move to the location of a triggered Ring Alarm, if you have the security system installed.

If you choose to disarm the Amazon Astro, such as during the day when there’s less need for surveillance, the mobile security robot can also function as a digital assistant with timers, alarms reminders, and more. You can also use the robot to send items from one place to another, and with its facial recognition features, it will be able to make the delivery to the correct person.

The Amazon Astro mobile security robot, which is a unique take on home and business security, is currently available from Amazon for $1,850, following a 21% discount on its original price of $2,350. You can’t put a price on your peace of mind, but you might as well enjoy $500 in savings if you’re going to go ahead with your purchase of the Amazon Astro. There’s no telling when the offer expires though, so to make sure that you get the mobile security robot for cheaper than usual, push through with the transaction right now.

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