The 5 best smart food scales for home and travel in 2024

While some people don’t use kitchen scales as they they have full confidence in their estimating skills for ingredients when cooking, smart food scales are an entirely different thing. In addition to making sure that you’ll be getting specific measurements to perfectly follow recipes, these devices offer various benefits with their respective companion apps such as recording a history of everything that you’ve weighed and tracking their calories. If you’re interested but you don’t know where to start, don’t worry because we’ve rounded up the best smart food scales below, so you can start enjoying their advantages whether you’re in your own kitchen or on vacation.

The best smart food scales in 2024

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Geek Chef Smart Digital Scale

Best smart food scale for recipe lovers

The Geek Chef Smart Digital Scale with its companion app.
Geek Chef
Pros Cons
App offers access to food databases, recipes Average weighing capacity
Records daily intake
Easy-to-read LED screen

The Geek Chef Smart Digital Scale’s companion app, the Geek Chef app, offers access to 1 million food databases, to which you can add and edit your own food data, as well as more than 100 recipes that you can try. The app, through a Bluetooth connection with the smart food scale, is also capable of recording your daily intake of calories, vitamins, protein, and fat based on the food that you weigh, and it will allow you to switch between the scale’s three weighing modes.

Maximum weight 11 pounds
Companion app Geek Chef app
Display type LED

NextLevel Fit Smart Kitchen Scale

Best smart food scale for calorie counters

The NextLevel Fit Smart Kitchen Scale with its companion app.
NextLevel Fit
Pros Cons
Logs all food and beverage Scale itself is relatively heavy
Data is automatically populated
User-friendly operation

If you’re getting serious about taking control of your health, the NextLevel Fit Smart Kitchen Scale will help you as the NextLevel Fit app can meticulously log all food and beverage that you weigh, for precise and comprehensive nutritional data. The app is automatically populated with details such as calorie counts and macronutrient values, all through a user-friendly process so that you can focus on creating healthy meals.

Maximum weight 11 pounds
Companion app NextLevel Fit app
Display type LED

Lifehood Digital Food Scale

Best smart food scale for weighing with containers

The Lifehood Digital Food Scale with its companion app.
Pros Cons
Tare function Average weighing capacity
Backlit display
App records weights

Weighing liquids and powders will require that you place them in containers first, which is where the Tare function of the Lifehood Digital Food Scale comes in handy. It resets the weight reading after you place the container but before you place your ingredients, which will make things more convenient for you. You can check weights on the scale’s backlit display or on the Hapi Health app, which will keep your records in one convenient location.

Maximum weight 11 pounds
Companion app Hapi Health app
Display type LED

Renpho Nutrition Scale

Best smart food scale for heavier weights

The Renpho Nutrition Scale with its companion app.
Pros Cons
High weighing capacity Not portable
Syncs with Apple Health
Hole at the back for hanging

For those who will be dealing with heavier weights, such as when you’re preparing ingredients for a meal for the whole family, the Renpho Nutrition Scale is a good choice because of its weighing capacity of up to 22 pounds. The Renpho Health app can analyze the food that you’re weighing to calculate your intake of calories, fat, and carbohydrates, and synchronizes the information with the Apple Health app. The smart food scale also offers a Tare function, a clear LED display, and a hole design at the back so you can hang it up after you’re done using it.

Maximum weight 22 pounds
Companion app Renpho Health app
Display type LED

Hoto Smart Food Scale

Best smart food scale for on-the-go foodies

The Hoto Smart Food Scale with its companion app.
Pros Cons
Portable Low weight capacity
High-resolution screen
Hand drip assistant

The Hoto Smart Food Scale is a great choice for frequent travelers because it’s very portable, allowing you to weigh ingredients such as coffee when you’re on vacation. The weighing data will be showed on its high-resolution LED screen, and also on the Mi Home app that will take accurate records of what you weigh. The app can also serve as a hand drip assistant that will suggest the proper water proportion and brewing time.

Maximum weight 6.6 pounds
Companion app Mi Home app
Display type OLED

How we chose these smart food scales

There are different kinds of smart food scales, and it’s important that you consider your needs when buying one to make sure that you’ll be getting your money’s worth. Are you only going to measure small amounts of ingredients, or do you need a smart food scale with a larger capacity? Is counting calories important to you, or do you just need basic weighing? Once you’ve figured out what you need from your smart food scale, that’s the time you should be looking at your options.

Weight limit

You need to take a look at the weight limit of the smart food scale that you’ve got an eye on. If you’re always dealing with large amounts of ingredients because you’re often cooking for your whole family, you wouldn’t want a smart food scale that won’t be able to handle the heavy weights, and conversely, if you only weigh small amounts, you don’t need to spend on a smart food scale with a higher capacity because that would be a waste money. We chose smart food scales with varying weight limits to give you proper options.

Ease of use

A smart food scale will only work wonders for you if you can use it without overly complicated processes nor a needlessly convoluted app. The smart food scales we’ve highlighted above not only focus on ease of use, but their apps are also simple enough for any member of the family. This could make the cooking experience even more enjoyable for everyone, as even kids can help you measure ingredients using these smart food scales.

Value for money

Smart food scales come with various prices, but it shouldn’t matter whether you want to buy an affordable one or you’re willing to invest in a more premium model. You should be getting amazing value for money — a cheap smart food scale that’s still feature-packed, or one that has all the chase features but less expensive than the overpriced options in the market. If you’re going to spend on a smart food scale, we made sure that it will be worth it.

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