You can only watch 2024’s most controversial movie in a Los Angeles strip club (for now)

Aside from Argylle, and a handful of other movies, February is looking pretty bleak in terms of the films hitting theaters. And at least one movie is skipping a theatrical release in favor of a different kind of experience. Via Variety, the multimedia design collective known as EDGLRD will screen a new film called Aggro Dr1ft for two days in February at Crazy Girls, a strip club in Los Angeles.

Why is this movie screening in a strip club? According to EDGLRD’s Eric Kohn, “you don’t just watch Aggro Dr1ft — you step into a new world, and these events will allow audiences to immerse themselves in it. The distribution of Aggro Dr1ft goes beyond the limitations of the outdated moviegoing experience.”

Aggro Dr1ft may have also been a hard sell for theaters because the movie was entirely shot through an infrared lens. The story is about BO (Jordi Mollà), a hit man who has been tasked to take out a crime lord “in a Floridian realm of vivid pinks, blazing yellows, and deep purples.”

BO in Argo Dr1ft.

Aggro Dr1ft premiered at the Venice Film Festival, and it was previously screened in Toronto and New York. According to Variety’s report, EDGLRD is planning to take Aggro Dr1ft on tour with screenings at other unconventional venues. Each location will feature visuals created and designed by EDGLRD, in addition to musical performances by Aggro Dr1ft director Harmony Korine, as well as the film’s composer, AraabMuzik. There will also be more music acts performing with the tour who will be announced later.

Aggro Dr1ft will screen at Crazy Girls in Los Angeles on February 7 and 8. Tickets will be sold on DICE.

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