How to find and catch all Legendaries in Palworld

What monster-collection game would be complete without some Legendary versions to track down and add to your team? Palworld launched with a very respectable roster of Pals across its nine types, but unfortunately, it only has four Legendaries to start. However, even if you have friends along to help you search, this is a massive open world with a ton of ground to cover. If you think your team is up to the challenge and want to take on some of the toughest Pals in the game, here is where you can find all of the Legendaries currently in the game.

All Legendary locations

There are currently four Legendary Pals in Palworld: Jetragon, Frostallion, Necromus, and Paladius. Aside from their raw power, Legendaries in Palworld also have exclusive Legend-level passive skills that give them +20% in Attack and Defense and plus +15% in Movement Speed.


A map of Palworld.

Jetragon is a Dragon-type Pal you can ride as a flying mount that resides in the western region of the map near the volcanoes. You can find it by going north from the Beach of Everlasting Summer fast travel point at coordinates -792, -319.

A legendary dragon in Palworld.


A map of the snow area in Palworld.

Try and act surprised, but Frostallion is an Ice-type Pal. Also able to be ridden as a flying mount, find it by going east from the Land of Absolute Zero fast travel point at coordinates -351, 516.

A legendary ice Pal in Palworld.

Necromus and Paladius

The desert region in Palworld.

The final two Legendaries are actually at the same location. Necromus is a Dark type, while Paladius is Neutral, but neither can fly. They are in the desert region, so zip over to the Deep Sand Dunes fast travel point and go northwest to coordinates 451, 680 to test you luck against the last two Legendaries.

Two legendary pals in the desert in Palworld.

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