Eargo’s best OTC hearing aid bundle is $400 off right now

The tiny Eargo 7 OTC hearing aid with fingertips for scale.

If you need a new hearing aid and also want to enjoy some savings along the way, you’ll love what Eargo has to offer. Right now, it’s offering $400 off its best hearing aid bundle — the Eargo 7. Usually costing $2,950, it’s down to $2,550 for a limited time only so you can enjoy a superior listening experience without spending as much as before. Keen to learn more? Let’s take a deeper look.

Why you should buy the Eargo 7 bundle

One of the best over-the-counter hearing aids, the Eargo 7 is something special. It offers crisper speech in any environment with Breakthrough noise reduction technology that provides you with a more comfortable listening experience. It’s easy to set up too with a self-fitting feature that allows you to personalize your experience from the comfort of your own home.

It has a tiny body that’s only about the size of a thumbnail so it’s very comfortable to wear and invisible for anyone looking. A pull tab makes it simple to remove any time you need to. There’s also Eargo’s Sound Match technology which has been clinically shown to provide a self-fit that’s on a par with hearing aids fitted in a clinic. At all times, its app support means you can adjust the sound to prioritize certain noises such as speech, or you can reduce the noise level for better comfort in a noisy environment.

Tested to IPX7, they’re perfect for jumping in the shower or going out on a rainy day too. Up to 16 hours on a single charge with up to two days via the portable charging case all add to the practicality of the Eargo 7. If you’ve been reading up on how to buy over-the-counter hearing aids, you’ll be delighted at how easy the Eargo 7 are to use. The bundle deal comes with two hearing aids, a charger, a two-year unlimited warranty, lifetime support from hearing professionals, and you even have 45 days to return for a full refund.

Usually priced at $2,950, you can buy this Eargo 7 bundle for $2,550 for a limited time at Eargo direct. A saving of $400 is pretty great to see given how much you’ll benefit from this hearing aid. Check it out today and enjoy superior hearing very soon.

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