Where to find the Black Marketeer in Palworld

Guns aren’t the only darker subject matter Palworld takes on that may surprise those who see it as just a Pokemon clone. Beyond collecting Pals and resources like Ancient Civilization parts to craft buildings, you will also be able to procure some rather dubious items, such as people. While you can put them to work for you, there is an entire network of black market sales that you can participate in that can be very lucrative if you don’t mind doing some morally grey business deals. If you’re ready to participate in the dark underbelly that is Palworld, here is where you can find all the Black Marketeers to buy and sell rare items.

All Black Marketeer locations

There are five different Black Marketeers to find hidden in the wilds of Palworld. They are all well-hidden, and some you won’t be able to reach until later in the game, but thankfully all seem to buy and sell the same stock at the same prices. Note that they do have a limited stock of items for sale, but will refresh if you leave and come back after some time.

Abandoned Mineshaft

The black marketeer in Palworld.

From the Desolate Church fast travel point, head west to find the Abandoned Mineshaft location. Venture into the mine and you will run into the first Black Marketeer dead ahead.

PIDF Tower Entrance

A map of the north end of Palworld.

This next merchant is way up north at the top of the freezing mountains. From the PIDF Tower Entrance, go east to coordinates 496, 340 to find a Secret Mineshaft he is taking shelter inside.


From the town of Duneshelter, make your way just outside to coordinates 345, 364 where he is hanging out along the outer wall.

Beach of Everlasting Summery

A map of Palworld's world.

Heading south from this point, follow the coast along Mount Obsidian to the west to its end. This is where he is hiding.

Ruined Fortress City

Go down into the city towards the river, but hang a left before the broken bridge. He doesn’t always appear here, so you may not want to rely on this dude.

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