Where to find the secret cave in Fortnite

Every time Fortnite changes up the map, it becomes a whole new experience when checking out the new points of interest (POIs) and best places to land. With chapter 5 bringing some of the most dramatic changes in the map’s history, a ton of secrets are out there on the island waiting to be discovered, such as a very lucrative cave. Those who have managed to wander into this hidden alcove have been rewarded with a huge stash of loot, making it a well-guarded secret among those in the know. We can’t guarantee you’ll survive long enough to grab all the valuables inside, but knowing where the secret cave is will at least give you and your squad a fighting chance.

Secret cave location

A fortnite map showing a cave location.
Epic Games

The secret cave is tucked along the eastern coast of the map to the northeast of Hazeyhills and southeast of Grand Glacier as seen on the map above.

A player standing outside a cave in Fortnite.
Epic Games

Go down the coast and into the cave opening, where you will see the glow of three chests (assuming no other players got there first) in the first area. There’s one chest further in, but if you break the wall behind it, you can actually find two more. This is another false dead end, and by breaking the boulder beyond these chests, you can enter the final part of the cave with the last of the chests, as well as the singing Coral Buddies!

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