3 underrated action movies on Amazon Freevee you should watch in December

There are so many schlocky action movies on Amazon Freevee that it’s truly embarrassing. Only Peacock has a bigger lineup of stinkers. Fortunately, Amazon Freevee is also home to a handful of underrated action movies that can be watched for free without any hassle at all. The only thing that fans need to bring to the table is a willingness to sit through a few commercials to watch these movies.

Our picks for the three underrated action movies on Amazon Freevee that you should watch in December includes the first chapter in a long-running franchise, The Fast and the Furious version 1.01, and Matt Damon’s best action flick, by far.

Mad Max (1979)

Mel Gibson in Mad Max.
Warner Bros. Pictures

Before Thunderdome, before Mad Max: Fury Road, and way before the spinoff film Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, there was the original Mad Max in 1979. This was director George Miller’s first movie, and you may not believe just how young Mel Gibson looks as Max Rockatansky before he earned his infamous nickname.

Mad Max actually takes place before society completely collapses, and Max is a respectable member of the Main Force Patrol in Australia. Unfortunately for Max, he crosses a motorcycle gang that comes gunning for him, his wife, Jessie Rockatansky (Joanne Samuel), and their young child. If you want to know how Mad Max was born, this is the one to watch.

Watch Mad Max on Freevee.

Point Break (1991)

Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze in Point Break.
20th Century Studios

It’s truly amazing how much the original Fast and Furious movie lifts from Point Break, because the plot and most of the character relationships are almost exact duplicates. Patrick Swayze’s Bodhi and Keanu Reeves’ Johnny Utah were the Dom and Brian of their generation; they just didn’t get nine sequels and a spinoff movie out of it.

Johnny is a former sports star turned FBI agent who is assigned to take down the Ex-Presidents, a gang of very efficient bank robbers. Johnny correctly guesses that the Ex-Presidents are surfers, so he goes undercover in the local surfing community, where he befriends Bodhi and falls for a girl named Tyler Ann Endicott (Lori Petty). Unfortunately for Johnny, Bodhi doesn’t have Dominic Toretto’s sense of honor, especially when he strikes back at Johnny after discovering who he really is.

Watch Point Break on Freevee.

The Bourne Identity (2002)

Matt Damon walks down the street in The Bourne Identity.
Universal Pictures

It might be a stretch to call The Bourne Identity an underrated action movie, but with the diminishing returns of the most recent Bourne sequels, people tend to forget just how great the first movie was. This film was also Matt Damon’s first time playing Jason Bourne, and it made him into an action star overnight.

Following a botched mission, an amnesiac assassin named Jason Bourne finds himself marked for death by Alexander Conklin (Chris Cooper), the leader of a black ops division called Treadstone. Conklin sends a rival assassin, The Professor (Clive Owen), to finish Bourne for him and ensure his silence. However, Jason Bourne never goes down without a fight or even six fights. Anyone dumb enough to get in Jason Bourne’s way always pays the price.

Watch The Bourne Identity on Freevee.

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