3 action movies on Paramount+ you need to watch in December

Are you looking for action in December on Paramount+? The so-called “mountain of content” doesn’t always have the best selection of action movies, but it does have a some great additions this month that you can enjoy on every tier of Paramount+.

Sadly, Paramount+ doesn’t get to have a Die Hard Christmas for action fans, but one of our picks is a great Bruce Willis-led flick. It’s is joined by Mel Gibson’s greatest movie and the debutof Sylvester Stallone’s most famous action hero. These are the three action movies on Paramount + that you need to watch in December.

Red (2010)

The cast of Red.
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Bruce Willis’ character in Red, Francis “Frank” Moses, is a former CIA agent who has been classified as “Retired, Extremely Dangerous,” hence the name of the movie. The irony is that Frank would have stayed in his uneasy retirement if someone hadn’t tried to kill him. Once his life has been threatened, Frank takes the rash step of kidnapping Sarah Ross (Mary-Louise Parker) — a woman whom he is romantically interested in — because he knows that she will be targeted for death as well.

To get to the bottom of this problem, Frank has to turn to a few of his fellow retired operatives, including Joe Matheson (Morgan Freeman), Marvin Boggs (John Malkovich), and Victoria “Vicky” Winslow (Helen Mirren). That’s a team that proves that age is just a number, and they’re just as deadly now as they used to be.

Watch Red on Paramount+.

Braveheart (1995)

Mel Gibson in Braveheart.
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Technically, Braveheart falls under “historical epic,” but there’s no shortage of action in this film, courtesy of director and star, Mel Gibson. In this Best Picture Oscar winner, Gibson portrays William Wallace, one of the key figures in the First War of Scottish Independence in the early 14h century.

At the beginning of the film, the English have almost total control of Scotland. Following the murder of his wife, Murron MacClannough (Catherine McCormack), Wallace takes up arms against England and rallies his people to fight alongside him and reclaim his country. However, Wallace may not be able to trust all of his countrymen as they face nearly impossible odds.

Watch Braveheart on Paramount+.

First Blood (1984)

Sylvester Stallone in First Blood.
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The original Rambo movie, First Blood, gets its name from the original novel by David Morrell and from a line of dialogue in the script. John Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) is a Vietnam veteran who wasn’t looking for trouble. But Sheriff Will Teasle (Brian Dennehy) and his deputies hassle Rambo before arresting and abusing him. As Rambo says, they drew “first blood,” and he makes them pay for it.

Once Rambo is free, Teasle and his men relentlessly pursue him in the woods. What they don’t realize is that they’ve pushed Rambo too far, and he’s about to push back hard.

Watch First Blood on Paramount+.

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