Where to find the Safety Ring in Super Mario RPG

There are a lot of useful accessories you can find throughout your journey in Super Mario RPG, but one that tends to be part of nearly any great party build is the Safety Ring. Whichever character you choose to equip this beloved (and relatively well-hidden) ring with will be granted a variety of useful effects — not least of which is protection against all status effects. However, you’ll need to make it about halfway through the game before you can pick it up, and we’ll tell you exactly where below.

Where to find the Safety Ring

The Safety Ring is located within the Sunken Ship. If you’ve already completed this area, you can fast-travel back to it at any time during your adventure, though we’d recommend doing so sooner rather than later.

Make your way past the password puzzle and the subsequent boss, then continue forward until you reach a segment of the ship wherein many sections are underwater. You can take the whirlpools here to reach the bottom level, so do just that and continue pushing forward.

Safety Ring Super Mario RPG

Eventually, you’ll reach a room that contains a stack of barrels in the upper -eft corner. Walk behind these barrels to find a hidden door you can pass through. In this next small room is a treasure box you can jump to hit, which will grant you the Safety Ring.

The Safety Ring protects its wearer from all status effects and mortal blows while also offering minor bumps to speed, physical defense, and magical defense, making it an incredibly powerful accessory for nearly any party setup. We recommend leaving it on one party member at all times, with it being perhaps best suited to a healer like Mallow or Princess Peach.

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