Super Mario RPG Wedding Hall guide: Where to find Peach’s crown and other accessories

Mario and friends have chased down Peach to Marrymore late into Super Mario RPG. It isn’t Bowser who has her in his clutches this time, but Booster, who intends to marry the princess against her will. After busting into the church to call things off, Peach’s crown and other accessories will be scattered across the chapel. You will need to find every last missing item before the ceremony begins, but they aren’t all in plain sight. Here is where to find Peach’s crown and all her other accessories in Super Mario RPG.

Where to find all of Peach’s accessories

Mario in a church about to start a wedding.

Aside from her crown, you will need to find her shoes, ring, and brooch as well.

Peach’s crown location

The crown is the easiest to find since it will be in sight right away. After the collision, the crown ends up resting atop Booster’s head standing at the altar. All you need to do is jump on top of him to get it back.

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Shoes, ring, and brooch locations

The other three items weren’t dropped on the floor, but havebeen collected by Booster’s Sniffits. These quick little dudes will be running in patterns around the church and pews, so you need to intercept and speak to each of them. Just talking to them will do the trick — you don’t have to engage in a fight — so just mash the talk button as you approach.

Depending on how fast you collect all the accessories, you will get a different cutscene completing the wedding ceremony, but there will be no long-lasting changes to the story. No matter what, a boss fight is coming up, so make sure you’re ready.

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