Black Friday: Save $350 on Roborock S7 Max Ultra and ultimate all-in-one dock [Sponsored]

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The Black Friday deals are here, and they’re not just trickling out like a stream, they’re gushing like a waterfall — not unlike a bowl of cereal when you knock it over by accident. Now is an excellent time to get your shopping done for the holidays, but also for next year too. Virtually anything you need or have been wanting is available at a discount, including smart robot vacuums, which can help you recover some of your free time. How? They handle the cleaning, especially with family and friends visiting, so you can kick back, relax, or focus on what’s more important. Chief among them is Roborock’s amazing Black Friday discounts, like the huge savings on the S7 Max Ultra with its ultimate all-in-one docking station. Normally $1,300, you can save $350 right now and get it for just $950. Hurry, though. These deals are only available until November 30, and then they’re all gone. If you want to see what else Roborock has on sale you can review their Black Friday deals page.

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Why you should buy the Roborock S7 Max Ultra smart vacuum and mop with all-in-one dock

Cleaning is not fun, but more than that, it’s time-consuming. Every minute you spend cleaning your floors, whether sweeping, vacuuming, or mopping, is another minute you don’t get to spend with friends or family. It’s more time you don’t get to invest in your hobbies, spend relaxing, or just enjoying your life. Roborock’s S7 Max Ultra will change that.

The smart vacuum combo thoroughly cleans your floors and mops them, all from a single device. The real benefits come from the docking station, however, which does it all. Between cleanings, the dock will auto-empty the dustbin and debris the vacuum picks up, but also auto-empty the dirty water. Then, it automatically refills the mop tank with fresh water. It will clean the mop, and the dock, to ensure none of that dirtiness sticks around, and also prevent mold from building up on the vacuum and dock. Finally, it recharges the unit, allowing it to autonomously leave, clean, return, and continue doing it over and over. It will do this for up to seven weeks with absolutely no interactions from you. How amazing is that?

Accurate LiDAR navigation, reactive tech obstacle avoidance, and custom cleaning routines ensure the vacuum never gets stuck and never runs over toys and other obstacles. Moreover, you can track everything the system is doing from the mobile app and configure settings, schedule cleanings, and so much more. Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri shortcuts mean you can call out to the S7 Max Ultra using simple voice commands. Auto mop lifting ensures the mop won’t soil or dampen your carpets and rugs — it lifts out of the way when moving over these types of floors.

It’s like a dream. No more vacuuming. No more mopping. And you barely have to empty or fuss with the vacuum and its dock. But the best part is the Black Friday discount which gets you $350 off. The S7 Max Ultra is yours today for just $950 — down from $1,300. What are you waiting for?

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