25 best Black Friday TV deals on LG, Sony, Samsung, and more

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It is that time of year again, when Black Friday deals are everywhere and big entertainment items like TVs are heavily discounted. It is hard to pick a single TV from the mix and we’re glad we don’t have to. Instead, we’re bringing you the best TV deals from each brand. While it is a step short of being directly told which TV to buy, looking at the following lists should give you a good direction to go in. At the same time, we know that this is not the easy, casual selection process that some sites would like to make it out to be.

Beyond deals, some things stay consistent no matter which time of the year you’re shopping in. Despite 8K TVs becoming more and more accessible, 4K TVs are still the norm, so our 4K TV buying guide will still have choice advice for you. Likewise, our collection of the best TVs of 2023 should help you work out the features you like in a TV, even if not all of them are included in excellent Black Friday deals. Lastly, we’re sorting these TV deals by brand due to the general similarity of TVs within a single brand. They usually use similar operating systems, have similar levels of compatibility with soundbars, etc. As a result, our guide to the best TV brands will also be helpful in making your selection.

As you look through the following selections, considering opening a few of the offers in separate tabs, comparing your favorites at the end. These deals are largely limited time offers, but we want you to get the best deal possible!

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Best TCL Black Friday TV deals

TCL Q Class Q6 QLED 4K TV.

We haven’t changed much in our favorite since we first reviewed TCL Black Friday TV deals a few days ago. One of the best offerings remains on the TCL Class Q6 4K QLED, which we reviewed as delightfully average and found that average, everyday people just love the TV. We also found some astonishingly cheap TVs in the TCL lineup that are worth at least a glance. Here are the best deals:

  • 32-inch Class S3 1080p Smart TV —

  • 55-inch Class Q5 Series QLED 4K Smart TV —

  • 65-inch Class Q6 Series QLED 4K Smart TV —

  • 75-inch Class Q7 Series QLED 4K Smart TV —

  • 85-inch Class QM8 Mini-LED QLED 4K Smart TV —

Best LG Black Friday TV deals

Zeke Jones/Digital Trends / .

LG TVs are some of our very favorite TVs, with the LG OLED evo G3 being our top pick for a TV of the year. When we made our LG G3 OLED review, we declared it an “absolute star” with few flaws. It performed well in gaming, especially. Now, you can find it up to $1,500 off as part of these LG TV Black Friday deals:

  • 55-inch Class QNED80 URA Series 4K Smart TV —

  • 65-inch Class A2 PUA Series OLED 4K Smart TV —

  • 55-inch OLED evo G3 —

  • 65-inch OLED evo G3 —

  • 83-inch OLED evo G3 —

Best Sony Black Friday TV deals

Sony Bravia XR A90J 4K OLED TV Gaming
Riley Young/Digital Trends / .

I’ve you been disappointed by the overabundance of 4K TVs thus far, you’ll be happy to see a couple of 8Ks have entered the arena throughout the best Sony Black Friday TV deals. Here is a sampling of our favorite offers across their sale:

  • 43-inch Class X77L LED 4K Smart TV —

  • 65-inch Class BRAVIA XR A90J 4K OLED Smart TV —

  • 77-inch Class BRAVIA XR A80L 4K OLED Smart TV —

  • 75-inch Class BRAVIA XR Z9K 8K Mini-LED Smart TV —

  • 85-inch Class BRAVIA XR Z9K 8K Mini-LED Smart TV —

Best Vizio Black Friday TV deals

The Vizio V-Series 4K TV in the living room.

This year, Vizio TVs are going all in on being the lowest cost TVs you can buy for the year. Some feature small screens that can be great for a nook in your kitchen, your older kid’s bedroom, or small dorms. With these low costs, it is no wonder that they all belong to the king of low prices and are part of Walmart Black Friday deals.

  • 24-inch Class D-Series FHD LED Smart TV —

  • 32-inch Class D-Series FHD LED Smart TV —

  • 43-inch Class V-Series 4K LED Smart TV —

  • 50-inch Class V-Series 4K LED Smart TV —

  • 75-inch Class V-Series 4K LED Smart TV (2023) —

Best Samsung Black Friday TV deals

Samsung's 65-inch Class 'The Frame' QLED 4K Smart TV displaying a famous oil painting.

From unique TVs like ‘The Frame’ to powerful QLED and OLED TVs, Samsung makes it all. And, we are in luck, as there is a massive selection of great deals this year. Here are a select few favorites across all categories, but you should also consider checking out our main compilation of Samsung TV Black Friday deals if you have an affinity for Samsung TVs:

  • 75-inch Class CU7000B Crystal 4K Smart TV —

  • 65-inch Class QLED 4K Q80C —

  • 75-inch The Frame QLED 4K —

  • 83-inch Class OLED S90C —

  • 85-inch Class QN800C Samsung Neo QLED 8K Smart TV (2023) —

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