Bring the Grinch to your front door with new Ring Quick Replies

A person pressing a green Ring Video Doorbell button.

Ring is getting into the holiday spirit this year by launching a slew of new Quick Replies for its video doorbells. Or rather, it’s not getting into the holiday spirit, as all the Quick Replies are inspired by The Grinch.

Video doorbell owners can now check out six Grinch Quick Replies, voiced by James Austin Johnson from Saturday Night Live. These can be added to your device through the Ring app by navigating to the Devices menu and selecting your doorbell. Next, simply click Smart Responses and pick Quick Replies — where you’ll see all available options.

Here’s a look at the six Grinch Quick Replies. You can also check out a new Ring video starring Johnson as The Grinch.

When all you really want is some alone time:

  • “Huh? A Visitor? To THIS house? MAX! Should I scare them away? (dog barks) Ughhh fine … you’re no fun. They’ll be right there.”

When you’ve taken on an impossible task:

  • “Oh thank goodness. They’re trying to make me sing songs and bake cookies in there. Me! The Grinch! But now that you’re here — you can do it! They’ll be right there, don’t you move!”

When it’s (maybe) time for some holiday cheer:

  • “OooooOoOoo!! Look who it is! Are you stopping by for a bit of festive cheer? Yeah WHATEVER. Yuck. Unfortunately, there is plenty of cheer to go around, but now you can have my portion! They’ll be there in a bit. Enjoy!”

When you’re busy preparing a holiday feast:

  • “OK, hello? Hi. (coughing) Seems like there’s a bit of a SnAFuuuUuuUU with the Roast Beast in there. Woo that is stinging my eyes! (sniffs) TOO MUCH WHO-SAUCE! Sorry, please leave a message.”

When you can’t (or won’t) step outside to say hello:

  • “Hello, It’s the Grinch — what do you want? No! Don’t answer that. Instead, please leave a message after the weird sound I’m about to make: (makes sound) OOOEEOWWUUNNGG.”

When you’re busy wrapping gifts:

  • “(Horrified) Oh m y… Oh my word … there’s just so much paper, and tape, and bows, and smiling. So much laughter! I’ve gotta get out of here! Leave them a message!”

Previously, Ring had launched a series of spooky Quick Replies for Halloween. The company often releases these limited-time sound effects around holidays, so keep your eyes peeled for more as we roll into 2024.

Get in the Holiday Spirit with The Grinch Quick Replies!

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