This 58-inch Samsung 4K TV costs less than its 55-inch sister

Samsung 82-inch 4K smart TV.

When flicking through Samsung Black Friday deals, we passed by a curiosity that we hope will hope will entice you as much as it did us. Two incredibly similar Samsung TVs, the Crystal UHD CU7000 and Crystal UHD CU8000, have a pricing quirk that lets you get a bigger TV for less money than a slightly smaller, but otherwise quite similar, TV. And, as it turns out, the 58-inch CU7000 ($410) is a good TV in its own right. Tap the button below to see it. You can compare it to the

($480) on your own, or keep reading for our take on the two and why getting a bigger TV is actually cheaper today.

Why you should buy the 58-inch CU7000 Samsung TV

The 58-inch CU7000 is a 4K TV with a 60Hz refresh rate and slim design. It uses PurColor technology for an advanced color spectrum and has a Crystal Processor 4K for 4K image upscaling. If you follow updates on the best TVs, you shouldn’t feel too surprised by any of these features yet. Similarly, access to features like Samsung’s Gaming Hub (where you can stream video games directly from the TV without a console) and 3D surround sound object tracking are exciting, but not unexpected. At the Black Friday rate, this is a solidly good TV.

So why is the

some $70 more? It is a 4K TV, it has a 60Hz refresh rate, it uses the Crystal Processor 4K, it has the Samsung Gaming Hub and 3D surround sound object tracking, and so on… What’s the difference? While there are a few, the biggest upgrades for the CU8000 are its even slimmer design, better color array, built-in voice assistant, and solar charging remote.

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Conclusion: The CU8000 is the better TV but not by much. Paying an extra $70 for a smaller TV, in this case, feels like more of a pain than any upgrade you’ll receive.

To take advantage of this quirk and get the 58-inch CU7000 Samsung TV, simply tap the button below. There, you’ll find the TV for $410, which is $40 down from its usual price of $450. Once you’re done shopping, please check out other Black Friday deals we’ve uncovered for more quirks, insights, and savings.

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