Super Mario RPG: Sunken Ship password solution

Though they may be largely focused on telling stories and engaging you with strategic combat, role-playing games often feature some of gaming’s most tricky puzzles, too. In the case of Super Mario RPG, you’ll eventually find yourself on a Sunken Ship where you’ll stumble upon a strange room with six boxes that you need to hit to create a password.

Though you could spend some time in puzzle rooms in the Sunken Ship to receive clues that would ultimately lead you to the solution, we’ll cut straight to the point and tell you how to solve this puzzle below.

Sunken Ship password solution

Late in the Sunken Ship section is a room with six boxes you need to jump and hit to change letters to create a specific password that will open the door to the final boss of the area. In the lead-up to that, you’ll be able to get clues from six doors that each contain a small challenge. It includes tricky 3D mazes and timing puzzles. The clues you gather won’t be written down anywhere for you to reference later. The most key clues tell you is that it’s an ocean-themed word surrounding an item you may find on the bottom of the sea. It’s also the plural for of that word.

If you don’t feel like guessing, we’ll spoil the answer for you below.

Mario stands in a room full of boxes in Super Mario RPG.

The Sunken Ship password solution is PEARLS.

To enter the password, head to the room that contains six floating boxes. You can jump and hit the blocks to select the appropriate letters. Looking from the front door, hit the first row of boxes closest to the door first to select P, E, and A from left to right. Snake around to the back row and enter R, L, and S from right to left.

After entering the password, head over to the big horn on the back wall to complete the process and open the door to your next boss battle. Good luck!

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