Don’t miss this Meta Quest 2 Black Friday deal — Save 17%

Meta's Quest 2 can track your hands allowing you to manipulate virtual objects.

It’s Black Friday, which means it is time to give expensive tech products and fun, but expensive, toys a second look. The right Black Friday deals are there to take these categories of products down in price. Where these categories of expensive tech and cool toys collide is the Meta Quest 2, a VR headset, and sure enough, it has a good sale going on over at Amazon right now. Normally $300, its price has dropped by $51 down to just $249, one of the best VR headset Black Friday deals we’ve seen. The really good news? This deal is here now, so you don’t have to wait to buy it like you will with the rest of your post Thanksgiving shopping. In fact, if you tap the button below and buy now, and with a little shipping luck, you might have it by Thanksgiving to play with your family.

Why you should buy the Meta Quest 2

The Meta Quest 2, which dominated Steam last year, is a VR headset that gives a full 360 field of view, allows you to experience 3D positional audio, and has over 500 compatible titles between gaming, fitness, and other experiences. If you’re a Twitch viewer, you may recognize it from streamers playing Meta Quest 2 games like Beat Saber or the somewhat ironically humorous Among Us VR. It refreshes at 120Hz and gives each eye a view of 1832 x 1920p.

One of the biggest hurdles for recommending this as an “instant buy” is where it sits in the VR space. Knowing, for example, that there is a Meta Quest 3 could be a deterrent for some. It should nothowever, deter those of us hunting for deals. The Meta Quest 2 is a deal hunters dream. Currently, for example, it sits at the number 1 spot in our listing of the best VR headsets while also being the budget pick, a virtually unheard of decision. Any rational person during rational times would shove the budget pick at the end of the list, but this product is defies our expectations. Similarly, when we compared the Meta Quest 2 and Quest 3, the Meta Quest 2 held its own.

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Right now is your chance to get into the world of VR for a mere $250. That is, if you buy the Meta Quest 2 while it is on this Black Friday sale (available now) while it is $50 off from its usual $300. This one might actually sell out, so be sure to tap the button below now!

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