BLUETTI rolls out Black Friday specials with a brand-new power station

There’s never been a better time to spring for sustainable and portable power options, especially with BLUETTI offering some great Black Friday deals, plus an exclusive discount — which we’ll tell you more about in a second. These deals also coincide with a brand new release from the brand, with the debut of the BLUETTI AC200L portable solar generator and power station. It features a 2400-watt output, 2,048-watt-hour capacity, and a 1,200-watt solar input for speedy charging. It’s a sleek newcomer that can be boosted to 3,600 watts in a PowerLifting mode for your extensive yet adaptable energy needs. More on that new station and the great deals below.

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AC300+B300 with FREE 120v home integration kit — $2,799, was $3,418

Bluetti AC300 portable power station

This portable power station is able to switch over as your main source of power, during an outage or event, in about 20 milliseconds. That’s fast, but it also ensures you’ll never be left in complete darkness. It offers a scalable capacity through the add-on batteries thanks to the B300, which two to four are able to be connected. Starting at 3,072 watt-hours, you can expand up to 12,288 watt-hours total, enough to charge all your home essentials and appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, and more. Plus, you can plug in solar panels to charge it via the sun’s sustainable solar energy, up to a total of 2,400 watts of solar charging. This deal comes with the BLUETTI home integration kit for free — a $619 value.

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AC500 + B300S with FREE PV380W solar panel — $4,799, was $5,298

Want to make sure you can run just about anything in your house, from lights and appliances to a home theater system for entertainment? This combo gives you 5000 watts of output or a 3,072-watt-hour capacity, which can power an 800-watt refrigerator for up to three hours during an outage. The capacity is expandable, as well, up to 18,432 watt-hours, plus you get 3000 watts of solar charging capability with a suitable set of solar panels. This deal comes with the PV380 solar panel for free — a $799 value.

The New BLUETTI AC200L solar portable power station — $1,499, was $1,699

Bluetti AC200L solar power generator new release

There’s a lot to love about this portable and sleek newcomer, like its ability to charge rapidly in 90 minutes without any additional adapters required. An ECO mode helps conserve battery life in a pinch, and UPS functionality allows you to ensure the power stays on when you’re in the middle of something important, like work or a good movie. It delivers 2,400 watts of power that can be increased to 3,600 watts in PowerLifting mode. The 2,048-watt-hour capacity can be fully recharged in about two hours using just a 1,200-watt solar charger — how crazy is that? From November 17 through November 30, the AC200L power station is available for a special early-bird price of $1,499. With the exclusive promo code DT20 you can save an extra $20, too.

AC200MAX solar portable power station — $1,299, was $1,599

Bluetti AC200MAX

A flagship product, the AC200MAX is excellent for just about any scenario, bug-out or bug-in. In an outage, it has all of your necessities covered, but if you’re hitting the road or off-grid, you’re covered there too. It has a 2,048 watt-hours capacity with 2,200 watts of output, just ideal for RV adventures, van life, and glamping. The front panel features 16 outlets to cover anything you could ever want or need. Plus, the effective 900-watt solar intake means you can charge and power it via solar panels with no interruptions, or you could expand its capacity with a B230 or B300 expansion battery. With extras, you can expand its capacity up to 8,192 watt-hours total.

AC180 solar portable power station — $649, was $999

Bluetti AC180 power station powering date camping trip

If you need something that breaks the mold when it comes to portability, this is it. The AC180 weighs about 37 pounds, perfect for lugging on a trip or with you on some great adventures. Its counterpart, the AC180P, is also just as portable. Both offer 1,000 watts of power or 2,700 watts in PowerLifting mode. You get either a 1,152-watt-hour capacity in the AC180 or a 1,440-watt-hour capacity in the AC180P, so it’s your choice how much you need. Responsive UPS features offer reliable backups when an outage happens or when the grid is unavailable.

AC70 portable power station — $499, was $599

Bluetti AC70 out in the wild

Designed for adventurers and explorers, inspired by

, the AC70 is an upgraded version ready for the great outdoors and beyond. It offers 1,000 watts of continuous output, with up to 2,000 watts in PowerLifting mode. The 768-watt-hour capacity is no slouch either, especially for something of this size. You can charge a 15-watt camera up to 45 times or keep a 40-watt CPAP machine powered on for 12 hours. Need more power in a pinch? Connect panels to the 500-watt solar input for a full charge in two hours. Now, that’s impressive. But not quite as impressive as this Black Friday deal.

AC2A + PV120 solar generator and panel bundle — $399, was $548

This bundle is the ultimate power and portability combo to take your adventures to the next level. It comes with the AC2A 204.8-watt-hour capacity portable power station with a 120-watt PV120 solar panel for quick, anywhere solar charging. Despite its compact size, it offers 300 watts of AC power and a 600-watt surge from its manageable battery. Six ports give you options, including a 100-watt USB-C port for fast phone, laptop, or tablet charging. With this set, you can pick up and go anywhere and never have to worry about power again.

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