The best TCL TV Black Friday deals from just $180

TCL TVs tend to be affordable in the worst of times. But, with early Black Friday deals rolling out, we’re now in the best of times. That means if you’ve been holding out to get a TV on the cheap, you can absolutely do that now.

The main issue you’ll face getting a good TCL TV deal, however, is that pesky paradox of choice. There’s just a lot of them. That’s why we’re highlighting one of our favorite deals — picked for its combination of quality, price, and total savings — as well as giving you a shortlist of TCL TV deals that we consider to be worth looking at. So, keep reading to see our top pick, then keep on reading for the runners-up.

The best TCL TV Black Friday deal

TCL Q Class Q6 QLED 4K TV.

Our favorite deal on a TCL TV might be coming out of left field for you if you’re a consistent reader here. It is the deal that brings the 65-inch TCL Class Q6 4K QLED from $600 to $500. This should sound reasonable so far, so what’s the catch? Our recent TCL Q6 review was done by a self-described average guy. His conclusion? The TCL Q6 is great for average people. His rating? Unsurprisingly, he said it was about average. But, as it turns out, the average person loves the TCL Q6, and have awarded it a near-perfect rating on Best Buy. In other words, you statistically love this TV, whether you’ve used it or not. That’s just math!

The 65-inch TCL Class Q6 4K QLED runs on Google TV Smart OS, but works with both Alexa and Google Assistant. It has motion rate 240, HDR Pro+, and the low latency ALLM game mode that TVs are starting to get these days. It refreshes at 60Hz. In other words, and we hate to harp on this point too much, this TV (made in 2023) is a very average 2023 TV and that’s going to make 99% of you quite happy. The main quirk we found was that the feet, if you aren’t wall-mounting it, are adjustable. This gives you the opportunity to place it on more TV stand types.

More TCL TV Black Friday deals we like

TCL 98-inch S Class S5 4K TV.

But what if you’re above (or below, we won’t judge) average? Sure, you could look at these other early Black Friday TV deals, but if what you really want is a TCL TV deal you should check out these offers:

  • 40-inch TCL S3 HDTV —

  • 43-inch TCL S4 4K TV —

  • 75-inch TCL Q7 QLED 4K TV —

  • 85-inch TCL QM8 QLED Mini-LED 4K TV —

  • 98-inch TCL S5 4K TV —

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