The best early DNA testing kit Black Friday deals you can shop now

DNA tests can be great gifts for family members. You can buy a set and try one out with your partner, to get a good idea of both of your family trees, or you can buy one for mom and dad so you get a full picture of your own genetic makeup. The tests aren’t cheap, so Black Friday deals present a good time and place to shop. We’ve picked out our favorite deal below, plus some other offers you should consider as well.

The best DNA testing kit Black Friday deal

An Ancestry shipment.

The single person AncestryDNA Genetic Test Kit is our pick for the best Black Friday deal already available. The kit normally costs $99, but right now it’s down to just $69. That’s a nice discount of $30 on one of the best DNA tests available. We’re not sure how long this deal will last, so you should grab it soon.

Testing your DNA with Ancestry gives you two major pieces of information: your genetic makeup and your family tree. On the genetic makeup side, you get to learn what percentage of your DNA comes from various ethnic groups. The test is detailed enough to tell your about 2,600 different regions you may have a family history in. Ancestry splits this up into a pie chart report that is easy to explore and understand.

The other benefit is your family tree. If you have relatives who have used AncestryDNA, you can see where they might fit on your family tree. You can request to connect with them, and if they accept you’ll get access to some of their family tree too. It’s a fun way to connect with your family. It may even reveal a new relative you didn’t know you had.

All of this is accomplished with a simple cheek swab that you send back to Ancestry in the mail. It’s simple, fast, and cheap now thanks to this Black Friday deal.

More DNA testing kit Black Friday deals we love

Here are some other DNA testing kits on sale for Black Friday. 23andMe are similar to Ancestry, and Basepaws is a fun option to test your cat’s DNA.

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  • 23andMe Premium Membership Bundle —

  • tellmeGen Advanced DNA Test —

  • Basepaws Cat DNA Test Kit —

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