Black Friday battery deals: Save on AA and AAA batteries

AmazonsBasics AA batteries being inserted into a game controller.

While many devices use built-in or sealed batteries, there are still plenty of devices like TV remotes and children’s toys that require you to add your own AA or AAA batteries. Thankfully, Black Friday deals also include these with plenty of excellent deals around on the best rechargeable batteries as well as conventional AA and AAA batteries. If you’re looking to stock up, check out all the deals we’ve found below to help you save big.

Best AA battery Black Friday deals

AA batteries are used for many different purposes. For instance, they can be used for a flashlight, a calculator, a digital thermometer, along with smoke detectors or a traditional wall clock. They can also be used for remotes along with toys, so they’re a very versatile type of battery. Old school gamers will likely fondly remember them as ‘Gameboy’ batteries referring to swapping out batteries for the Nintendo Gameboy. While many devices may use batteries that can be charged via a USB cable or similar, there are still enough using AA batteries that it’s handy to have some spare at home.

  • Powermax 24-Count AA Batteries —

  • Amazon Basics 48-Pack AA Batteries —

  • Deleepow 8-pack Rechargeable AA batteries —

  • Energizer AA Batteries 32-Count —

  • Duracell Coppertop 20-count Pack —

  • Energizer 24-count AA Batteries —

Best AAA battery Black Friday deals

AAA batteries are traditionally used for smaller devices than those that use AA batteries. They can also be used in devices that need to be more lightweight. This predominantly means they’re used for remote controls but historically, they’ve also been used for digital cameras and MP3 players. Like AA batteries, they can also be used for small toys, thermometers, calculators, and mostly anything else you can think of. If you have a kitchen timer, for instance or a set of bathroom scales, they may also use AAA batteries. Smaller than AA batteries, they still pack a punch for the devices that use them, balancing weight, size, and potency well. Like AA batteries, they’re the kind of thing you don’t realize are essential until you don’t have any in your home and your remote just broke. Stocking up is essential.

  • Powermax 24-count AAA batteries —

  • Voniko 24-pack AAA batteries —

  • Duracell Optimum AAA Batteries 8-count —

  • Energizer Alkaline 32-pack AAA Batteries —

  • EBL 16-count Rechargeable AAA batteries —

  • Duracell Coppertop 24-count AAA Batteries —

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