Best Polaroid Black Friday deals: Save on cameras and accessories

A Polaroid Go camera with lens accessories on a rock.
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As we’ve been exploring the larger set of Black Friday camera deals, there is one underserved niche we realize we had to address directly. And that niche is served by the likes of Polaroid, a camera company that does instant print film in a retro style. Thoughts of Polaroid deemphasize editing and digital tricks, leading us to think more about manipulating the physical. In so many words, Polaroid represents something that is nearly the opposite of a “digital trend.”

Yet, what the brand Polaroid might represent in our mind’s eye isn’t the full story. New offerings, like the Polaroid Now+, offer app connections in addition to instant photography. The brand also, to the surprise of many, offers digital cameras. You’ll also observe that the cameras are great for children, especially those not yet of smartphone wielding age, and anybody with a mind for an alternative aesthetic.

While the selections are slim, we’ve been able to find great Black Friday deals on Polaroid products, with both cameras and gear on sale.

Best Polaroid camera Black Friday deals

A Polaroid Go sitting on a wooden platform.

There is an admittedly annoying trend we’re seeing in Polaroid Black Friday deals. Companies are offering incredibly small savings on Polaroid products, making them light up with “deal” and “savings” tags, but not providing any substantial discounts. Once we’ve hacked and slashed our way through this bog of miniscule deals, the selection of deals is limited, but worthwhile. Check out these actual deals on Polaroid cameras:

  • Polaroid HD Waterproof 16MP Digital Camera —

  • Polaroid Go Instant Camera with Wrist Strap —

  • Polaroid Now+ —

Best Polaroid accessory Black Friday deals

While Polaroid accessories tend to be on the cheap side anyhow, Black Friday just makes these deals all the sweeter. The following products are color focused, providing a new aesthetic for your shots and frames. We’ve also found a cool edition of a Polaroid Now+ that comes with special lens filters. However, as with Polaroid camera deals, the pickings are slim for legitimately good Black Friday savings. These are the Best Black Friday Polaroid accessory deals:

  • Polaroid Go Lens Filter Set —

  • Polaroid Go Color Film – Black Frame Double Pack —

  • Polaroid Now+ with Lens Filter Set —

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