How to fix packet burst in Modern Warfare 3

The last thing anyone wants to see when booting up a game like Modern Warfare 3 to head online with your friends is to be stopped by an error. Online games are susceptible to all types of problems beyond the player’s control, leading to plenty of frustration and disappointment in a possibly ruined experience. While there are more substantial issues that can completely prevent you from playing, seeing the packet burst issue is almost worse because, while it does let you play, you will experience a ton of lag that makes the game essentially unplayable. If you’ve been struck by a packet burst error in Modern Warfare 3, here are some possible solutions so you can get back to fragging.

How to fix packet burst errors

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If you spot a symbol of three squares on the left of your screen while playing Modern Warfare 3, it means you’re suffering from a packet burst. This is essentially an error where something is messed up in the communication between your system and the game’s servers, resulting in terrible performance. While it could be simply an issue on the server side and not related to you at all, which you can check by looking at the Modern Warfare 3 server status here, there are a few things you can do to potentially fix the issue on your end.

The first is to simply give your console or PC a fresh restart to make sure your game is fully up to date and properly running.

If that fails, restart your internet by unplugging your router, waiting a few seconds, and then plugging it back in to reboot. If you are on Wi-Fi, also try using an ethernet cable if that’s an option.

If you are on a console, some have reported that turning crossplay off can resolve the issue.

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