Best Portable monitor Black Friday deals from $100

A woman using the LG Gram +view portable monitor with a laptop.

There are various reasons for wanting to buy a portable monitor, but whatever the case may be for you, don’t miss out on the potential savings from this year’s Black Friday deals. There are discounts for portable monitors made by popular brands like Acer, Lenovo, Asus, and Dell, and to help you decide what to purchase, we’ve highlighted our favorite offer below as well as several of the top portable monitor deals that you can shop right now. You need to hurry though — some of these bargains may be ending soon, so if you don’t want to miss out, select the portable monitor that you want to add to your arsenal and proceed with the transaction as soon as you can.

Best portable monitor Black Friday deal

The Acer AOPEN 16PM1Q portable monitor on a white background.

For an affordable but dependable portable monitor that you can use with devices such as laptops, video game consoles, and digital cameras, go for the 15.6-inch Acer AOPEN 16PM1Q Full HD portable monitor. The screen shows lifelike colors and sharp details, alongside a wide viewing angle of up to 170 degrees thanks to its IPS panel technology, and AOPEN Eye Protection that reduces eye strain through real-time color adjustments. The portable monitor can connect through its USB-C or Mini HDMI port, and it can fit anywhere with a thickness of just 0.4 of an inch. From an already relatively cheap sticker price of $130, you can get the 15.6-inch Acer AOPEN 16PM1Q Full HD portable monitor for just $100 from Best Buy following a $30 discount for Black Friday.

More portable monitor Black Friday deals we love

Dell portable monitor on a white background.

There are many other alternatives if you want to buy a portable monitor on Black Friday, and we’ve gathered the top offers below. They range from affordable options to high-end screens, so there’s something for you no matter your budget. You just need to determine the size and resolution you want, as well as the connectivity options that are available for each monitor to make sure that they’ll work with the device that you’re planning to use them with. Once you’re sure which of these portable monitor Black Friday deals you want to buy, don’t hesitate to push through with the transaction because the longer you wait, the higher the risk of losing your chance at a huge discount.

  • AOC 15.6-inch E1659FWU HD —

  • InnoView 15.6-inch PM406 Full HD —

  • Acer 17.3-inch PM181Q Full HD —

  • AOC 15.6-inch I1601C Full HD —

  • Lenovo 14-inch ThinkVision M14 Full HD —

  • Asus 15.6-inch ZenScreen Full HD —

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