3 sci-fi movies on Paramount+ you need to watch in November

The Paramount+ selection of sci-fi movies is very thin in the month of November. That’s truly unfortunate for fans of the genre who can’t live on Star Trek movies alone. And frankly, it would get pretty boring if we had to pick one Star Trek film to recommend every month.

Unfortunately, in order to get to three sci-fi movies to watch on Paramount+ in November, we had to pick one from the higher tier, Paramount+ with Showtime. We prefer to avoid doing that, but if Paramount+ doesn’t improve its sci-fi selection next month, then we may have to do it again.

Event Horizon (1997)

Kathleen Quinlan and Laurence Fishburne in Event Horizon.

Event Horizon is one of the few films by director Paul W. S. Anderson that isn’t a video game adaptation. This flick has also earned a cult following for its blend of science fiction and horror. The Event Horizon is an advanced ship that was thought to be lost on its maiden voyage in space. When the ship returns, Captain S. J. Miller (Laurence Fishburne) and the crew of the Lewis and Clark are accompanied by the Event Horizon’s designer, Dr. William G. “Billy” Weir (Jurassic Park‘s Sam Neill), to discover what went wrong.

What they find is that the ship itself may be alive and sentient after its trip outside of the known universe. And the ship has brought back something evil that may not be contained now that fresh victims have arrived on board from the Lewis and Clark.

Watch Event Horizon on Paramount+ with Showtime.

Deep Impact (1998)

The cast of Deep Impact.

Is it too much to call Deep Impact the thinking man’s Armageddon? Both movies about killer celestial objects heading to Earth came out in the same year. Among the key differences between them, the harebrained scheme to blow up the comet fails in Deep Impact, leaving humanity helpless in the face of an extinction-level event.

A pre-Lord of the Rings Elijah Wood co-stars in the film as Leo Biederman, the amateur astronomer who discovered the comet. Now, humanity’s potential vanquisher shares his name. Morgan Freeman and Téa Leoni star as President Tom Beck and reporter Jenny Lerner, respectively. But the fate of the world may come down to Captain Spurgeon “Fish” Tanner (Robert Duvall), one of the surviving members of the team that tried to take out the comet.

Watch Deep Impact on Paramount+.

Virtuosity (1995)

Denzel Washington in Virtuosity.

Prior to breaking out with L.A. Confidential, a young Russell Crowe appeared opposite Denzel Washington (The Equalizer 3) in Virtuosity. In  this near-future thriller, Washington plays Lt. Parker Barnes, a police officer who is languishing in prison for killing Matthew Grimes (Christopher Murray), the man who murdered his wife and child. But Barnes gets a chance for an early release when the virtual reality serial killer, SID 6.7 (Crowe), escapes from the virtual world and into a nearly unstoppable android body.

To make things even more personal for Barnes, SID 6.7 is also programed with the minds of several contemporary killers, including Grimes’ persona. That means Barnes will have to face his family’s killer one more time.

Watch Virtuosity on Paramount+.

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