14,000 Walmart shoppers love this kids tablet, and its $49 today

Child with parent using Contixo tablet to video call other kids

A few years ago, the idea of having a tablet made specifically for kids might have seemed weird, but in today’s world, tablets for kids are perfect to help with various tasks, not just entertainment. Of course, all the big brands have tried to get into the game, like Samsung and Amazon, and while it might be nice to grab something like the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition, it can be expensive and hard to justify the cost of. Luckily, some great alternatives are much cheaper than usual because of the ongoing Black Friday deals we’re seeing this month. For example, the Contixo 7-inch Android Kids Tablet has a pretty high rating of 4.4 on Walmart with over 14,000 five-star reviews, and you can grab it now for just $49 instead of the usual $80.

Why you should buy the Contixo 7-inch Android Kids Tablet

For the most part, the Contixo is an Android tablet that has been reskinned and made for kids, so you won’t get the traditional Android experience and Play Store, which is good when you’re giving this to kids who might not know better. What makes it great, though, is that it’s preloaded with a bunch of kid-related content, like Disney e-books and other learning games and educational apps, which can help with your child’s healthy growth, as opposed to just sitting and watching something all day. It has 32GB of storage, too, so you can store a lot of extra content that caters to your kids if you want, so you can keep them entertained and engaged for long trips where there might not be internet access.

Speaking of trips, you’ll be happy to know that the Contixo tablet is covered in a durable rubber cover, which will give it a bit of protection against minor bumps and drops, which are common with kids. It also has a three-layer screen protector, given it’s the most sensitive part of the screen, so it should last a bit longer than your typical tablet. The most important aspect of it, though, is the stringent and expansive parental controls that allow you to customize the experience to a very granular level. The whole thing is powered by the Family Link app, which lets you control things like screen time and what content they have access to.

All in all, the Contixo is a great budget-friendly alternative for kids’ tablets, especially with its impressive 4.4 rating and over 17,000 reviews. And at just $49 from Walmart, it’s quite a steal, although it’s always worth taking a look at some other Walmart Black Friday deals to see if you can find something that might fit your needs a bit better.

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