Early meal kit Black Friday deals from HelloFresh and more

If you’re looking to add one of the best meal delivery services to your food regimen, Black Friday makes a good opportunity to land some savings. A meal kit service can be incredibly helpful when it comes to both eating healthy and saving yourself time in doing so. It can take a lot of the confusion around dieting and nutrition out of your meal prep and free up some headspace to simply eat. Many of the most popular meal kit services are offering discounts for the Black Friday shopping season. So whether you’re looking to clean up your diet or free up some time, read onward for more information on the best ways to save on a meal kit service plan this Black Friday.

Best meal kit Black Friday deal

HelloFresh — 16 free meals + a free breakfast item for life

Meals by HelloFresh spread out on a counter.
hellofresh.com / Hello Fresh

HelloFresh is often regarded as the best meal kit service on the market, and it’s certainly one of the most popular. It claims to be America’s number one meal kit provider, and it’s become such by sourcing high-quality ingredients and delivering delicious, easy-to-prepare meals. HelloFresh is also the world’s first carbon-neutral meal kit company. There are more than 100 meal options to choose from each week, ranging from items like meat and veggies to family friendly, kid-tested meals. Hello Fresh even has a Fit & Wholesome category for the health nuts in search of a meal kit service.

Going with a meal kit service such as HelloFresh will instantly save you money, with HelloFresh claiming its meals to be 25% cheaper than takeout and up to 70% cheaper than dining at a restaurant. But you can save even more with HelloFresh’s current Black Friday deal, which includes 16 free meals on top of your chosen personalized meal kit plan. In addition, your first box will be shipped at zero cost, and you’ll receive a free breakfast item for life.

More meal kit Black Friday deals

Family kitchen day and meal prep with Blue Apron.
Blue Apron

And while HelloFresh stands out as the best Black Friday meal kit deal available right now, it certainly isn’t the only one. Almost all of the most popular meal kit services are offering discounts for Black Friday, and they’re listed below. From Purple Carrot to Home Chef, pouncing on these Black Friday offerings are the perfect way to make a meal kit service more affordable.

  • Home Chef —

  • CookUnity —

  • Blue Apron —


  • Gobble —

  • Purple Carrot —

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