Surfshark’s Black Friday deal gets you a VPN for $4 a month

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Between data harvesting corporations, government surveillance, and traditional hackers, there’s more reason than ever to get yourself a VPN. Surfshark is offering some savings in addition to its VPN service, as it has several VPN plans discounted for Black Friday. If you commit to an annual plan you can get the Surfshark Starter plan for just $4 per month, the mid-tier Surfshark One plan for just 10 cents more, or the premium Surfshark One+ VPN service for $6.50. And, if you’re willing to commit to a two-year plan, these prices will drop even further.

Why you should get Surfshark VPN

With so much of our lives existing digitally in the modern world, a virtual private network is a near necessity. The best VPN services keep your digital world safer and more secure than going without a VPN, and the protection that comes with a Surfshark VPN is about as good as it gets. It’s easy to get Surfshark up in running, as it has an auto-connect option. When browsing the web Surfshark keeps you hidden from data collectors by both securing your computer and hiding your IP address. It also uses RAM-only VPN servers, which means your information is never stored on Surfshark’s servers and you leave no footprints behind.

Surfshark VPN service can also come in handy when you aren’t at home. You’ll want the most protection you can get if you’re on public or coffee shop wifi, and the same goes for hotels and airports. Additionally, having Surfshark with you while traveling allows you to watch your favorite content and sports events while traveling, as it offers servers in more than 100 countries to connect to. With this feature you’ll never be locked out of your favorite shows due to geographic restrictions. And if you aren’t sold on Surfshark you can compare it to other VPN services, such as with our ExpressVPN vs. Surfshark comparison. But if you’re sold on the benefits of a VPN, Surfshark is a good one to go with.

With this Black Friday deal you can add Surfshark VPN service to your digital world for as little $4 per month if you’re able to commit to an annual plan. Several service tiers are available, and you can save even more if you want to commit for two years.

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