All Gold Ball locations in Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name

Every time Kiryu thinks he’s out, the Yakuza life pulls him back in. This once again rings true in Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name, where we follow Kiryu after his last adventure, but before Ichiban takes up the mantle in Like a Dragon and the upcoming Infinite Wealth. Unlike the majority of the games in the series, you won’t be running around the iconic Kamurocho, but mostly Sotenbori, Isezaki Ijincho, and the Castle. What remains the same is the numerous side stories and optional tasks that, for whatever reason, always seem to present themselves to the stoic and brooding Kiryu. One of those this time around is the “Gotta Catch Some Balls!” request given via the new Akame Network where you need to locate seven golden balls hidden around the maps. These are well-hidden little treasures in very dense locations, so here’s the location of all seven in Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name.

All gold ball locations

Kiryu asking Shen if he needs balls.

The first six of seven balls can be obtained as soon as you have access to the location they’re in. The seventh and final one is tied to a Stroll n’ Patrol request that only appears later in the game as a reward.

Sotenbori gold ball locations

No. 1: At the southwest end of W. Shofukucho Street, enter the Kiss Shot Billiards & Bar. This ball is one of the prizes you can get by exchanging 777 points, so play a few rounds to save up.

No. 2: On E. Shofukucho Street, go into the Ebisu Pawnshop and browse their wares. This gold ball is on sale for 77,777 yen.

No. 3: Make sure it’s daytime and go to the Iwao Bridge. Watch the water and wait for the tourist boat to pass under (it goes back and forth). You will see a man standing on the bow, and once he is close enough, a button prompt will appear to grab the ball.

No. 4: On the southwest part of the map, enter the Akame Shop. You first need to buy the “I’m aimin’ to have a bit o’ everything!” option for 150,000 yen to open up more items to spend points on first. Once you’ve saved up and made that investment, you can get this ball for 777 points.

No. 5: This is the last ball you will get. In order to trigger the mission you need, you have to first reach Chapter 4 and find the “Solve the Mysterious Note” mission on the north side of the river. This mission will take you down Shofukucho Street by the hotel. Check above the shop entrances for a grab prompt across from the turtle statues to get the final ball.

Castle gold ball locations

No. 6: Once you reach the Silver Rank in the Fighter’s Lounge, you can go down the stairs and under the massive statue. Let’s just say this ball is in an anatomically appropriate location.

No. 7: Beside the entrance to the casino is a row of moving platforms with people riding on them. Stand at the edge until you see the man wearing a mask and be ready to hit the grab command to get the ball.

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