This Samsung surround sound system is somehow just $139 today

The complete SAMSUNG B-Series 4.1.CH Soundbar & Rear Speakers with Subwoofer, Bluetooth, HW-C47M/ZA 2023 set on display.
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Walmart just launched their early access Black Friday deals selection. For you, that means big savings on everything and some of the coolest early Black Friday deals available. For instance, you can get this complete surround sound home theater system, including speakers, a soundbar, and subwoofer, for just $139. Normally, it’d be $239, so this deal will save you $100. The only catch is that you’ll have to be a Walmart+ member, but since you can get a Walmart+ free trial, that won’t even be a bother. To check out this complete surround sound system at a great price, just tap the button below. Keep reading to see about its parts.

Why you should buy the Samsung B-Series Surround Sound Set

We consistently find Samsung soundbars to be amongst the best soundbars due to their simplicity of setup, high quality, and affordable pricing. Great features carry over to this set, such as night mode which dampens the volume and keeps rumbly bass to a minimum. Similarly, gaming mode works to perfect directional audio in game, so you know exactly where those pesky enemy footsteps are coming from. Lastly, the voice enhancer pulls and accentuates sounds within the voice spectrum to make dialogue super audible during movies or cutscenes.

But what is a set without its components? The Samsung B-Series 4.1.Ch surround sound set includes six parts. These include a soundbar, wireless subwoofer, and two rear speakers. due to the thinness of modern TVs, they’re essentially a must nowadays. When combined with the sub and rear speakers, you can get truly advanced sound from even the slimmest of TVs. There’s also a remote which will control your Samsung TV and the surround sound set from one place. Everything connects to the TV via Bluetooth so you can avoid messy wires and tricky surround sound setups.

To experience the Samsung B-Series Surround Sound Set, just tap the button below. If you’re a Walmart+ member, or signed up for the aforementioned free trial, you’ll find it for just $139, which is $100 less than the usual $239. But do hurry, because we can see that 1,000s have sold already. If you want to shop around, however, or just want a soundbar, check out these other great early Black Friday soundbar deals.

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