Learn something new: Get $36 off an annual MasterClass subscription

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Whenever you aren’t learning, you’re potentially falling behind. Even when that doesn’t mean career progression, it could mean missing out on something meaningful to you and your family. Who hasn’t, after all, discovered a new hobby from the word of a friend or family member? Now, MasterClass — an online learning platform — is able to take on the role of that friend or family member by getting information directly to you, from experts, in a wide variety of hobbies, crafts, and career skills. Plus, they have a deal going on now where you can subscribe for an annual membership at a lower than normal rate. For instance, their individual plan has dropped by $12, from $120 to $108. Similarly, their family plan has dropped by $36. It even comes with a 30-day guarantee that is essentially a MasterClass free trial. Tap below to start checking it out yourself or keep reading for our take.

Why you should subscribe to MasterClass

MasterClass is a one-stop portal for learning what you want to learn from the people that you want to learn those things from. In a moment, we’ll cover what you can learn from MasterClass, but first we want to zoom in and see how classes work. Previously, we’ve written up an overview of Will Wright’s Game Design MasterClass, which focuses on designing games filled with emergent gameplay. The new course from James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, is a 10-chapter series that focuses entirely on personal change. Totaling 1 hour, 29 minutes, the individual lessons can be absorbed in as short as 10 minutes and cover his four laws of behavioral change as well as important tips on how habits actually work and a breakdown of the most common habits we, as humans, have.

If the zoom-in above made you think of MasterClass as a Netflix-like streaming service that is specifically tailored to those of us wanting to learn from experts, you’re onto the right track. Plus, classes come with guides and bonus content to make the experience more multimodal. Topics include business, music, science & tech, writing, and a whole host of others. MasterClass’s home page also allows for quick snippets of various classes to be seen, across a wide variety of topics, and each course allows anyone (subscriber or not) to see it trailer. Similarly, don’t forget that 30-day guarantee, which allows you to try out and return the service if it isn’t for you.

To get MasterClass at a discount, just tap the button below. Remember, the educational service is now just $108 for the year. That’s $12 down from its usual $120. Likewise, the family plan has dropped $36, from $240 to $204. And, don’t forget the 30-day guarantee. This is the perfect way to align your viewing habits with your goals and make dreams reality.

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