Early PS5 controller Black Friday deal saves you $20 on an official model

A person holds up a PS5 controller.
Totte Annerbrink / Unsplash

When we think of Black Friday, we think of a great time to get cool stocking stuffers and hobby essentials for our loved ones just as much as big ticket items for ourselves. This year, we’re finding that early Black Friday deals are giving us the best of both worlds, especially now that Walmart’s Black Friday deals have launched. For example, the official PS5 DualSense controller (one of the best controllers in its own right) is on sale now for just $49. That’s $21 down from its usual $70 price point, making it a great way to help open up multiplayer gaming for yourself, a friend, or kid. Just tap the button below to shop for yours today, or keep reading if you need to know more about it.

Why you should buy a PS5 DualSense controller

Sometimes we can look down on the original of something, preferring more fancy alternatives that come out later and refine the model. The PS5 DualSense controller, however, is innovative in its own right. We’ve praised its haptic feedback, which makes you feel the weight of your actions as you pull on the controller’s triggers, since we first discussed the PS5 DualSense’s innovations and we’re no less happy now. Just pair the controller with a PS5 compatible headset and you’re ready for multi-sensory immersion.

Aesthetically, we’re happy to report that you can get the PS5 DualSense in one of 9 colors. There’s the standard black and white options, of course, but there are also the vibrant and indescribably eye-catching galantic purple, nova pink, and volcanic red options (among others) to choose from. If you want a pattern, there is even a grey camouflage ready to suit your needs. In other words, no matter what kind of gamer you’re shopping for, there is something to suit their style.

To remind you, all you need to do to pick up your PS5 DualSense controller for $49 is tap the button below. It’ll take you to the controller, where it is currently discounted for $21 off its usual $70 as part of Walmart Black Friday deals. Getting one can be the perfect gift for the person you’d like to spend more in-person gaming hours with.

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