55-inch Samsung 4K TV is under $300 in Walmart’s Black Friday sale

The Samsung TU69OT 4K Smart TV on a media cabinet in a living room.

Walmart’s Black Friday deals for this year have already started, which is great news for those who want a head start on their shopping. If you were planning to get a new TV, check out this offer — a $52 discount for the 55-inch Samsung TU690T 4K TV, which lowers its price to just $298 from $350 originally. There’s no point in waiting for after Thanksgiving if you can already get this 4K TV for less than $300 right now, so proceed with the purchase as soon as possible if you’re interested.

Why you should buy the 55-inch Samsung TU690T 4K TV

The Samsung TU690T 4K TV is an excellent display for watching streaming shows, which you can access through the Tizen OS. As a smart TV, like all of the best TVs, not only does it support all of the popular streaming services, but it will also let you download and use a wide variety of apps such as video games and workout guides. You also have the option of connecting streaming devices to the TV’s HDMI port, if you’re more comfortable with other platforms like Apple TV and Roku.

The 55-inch screen of the Samsung TU690T 4K TV is about the perfect size for most living rooms, according to our 4K TV buying guide, as it will give you a great look at whatever you’re watching without requiring you to move things around so that you have the recommended distance between the TV and your eyes, as explained by our guide on what size TV to buy. The TV also offers 4K Ultra HD resolution for sharp details, and HDR for vivid colors.

If you were looking forward to Black Friday because you want to take advantage of TV deals, the good news is you can get your shopping done today with early offers like Walmart’s $52 discount for the 55-inch Samsung TU690T 4K TV. Instead of $350, you’ll only have to pay $298, but you need to hurry because we’re not sure how much time is remaining on this bargain. Once it ends, there’s no telling if you’ll be able to get the same savings on Black Friday, so if you want to secure your own 55-inch Samsung TU690T 4K TV for less than $300, complete the transaction immediately.

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